Vic Sarin

Vic Sarin

Vic Sarin, Cinematographer: A Shine of Rainbows. A passionate and diverse filmmaker, Vic Sarin's career includes award winning feature films, documentaries and television movies. Sarin began his career in Australia making documentaries that he produced, wrote, directed and shot, while working for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a cameraman. He then emigrated to Canada and went on to become one of Canada's most celebrated Directors of ...

Kashmir, Indie
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Vic Sarin oblíbené filmy

A Daughters Nightmare
A Daughters Nightmare
52 Mateřský instinkt
Mateřský instinkt
A Sisters Nightmare
A Sisters Nightmare
61 Hranice
52 Manželská lest
Manželská lest
35 Harlequin 8 - Nezapomenutelná láska
Harlequin 8 - Nezapomenutelná láska

2017A Surrogate's NightmareTV film

2016Summer in the CityTV film

2014Daughter's Nightmare, ATV film

2014Manželská lestTV film

2013A Sister's NightmareTV film

2012Mateřský instinktTV film

2009Záře duhyfilm


2005Murder UnveiledTV film

2004Luxusní nabídkafilm

2003Harlequin 8 - Nezapomenutelná láskaTV film

2002Recept na vražduTV film

2001Harlequin 10 - Hra o časTV film

2000Ponecháni napospasfilm

1999Lidé mořeTV film

1996Legend of Gator Face, Thefilm

1996Srdce na vlnáchTV film

1995Wounded HeartTV film

1994Proces na severuTV film

1994Spenser: Bledí králové a princovéTV film

1989Cold Comfortfilm

1984Other Kingdom, TheTV film

1980PassengersTV film

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