Frank DeKova (1910 - 1981)

Frank DeKova, Actor: The Ten Commandments. Frank DeKova parlayed a sinister scowl, piercing eyes and an all-around menacing attitude into a long career of playing cold-blooded trigger-men, rampaging Indian chiefs, brutal Mexican army officers and the like. So it would probably come as a shock to those who know his work to discover that, before he became an actor, he was--of all things--a schoolteacher. Born in New York in 1910, DeKova gave...

New York City, New York, USA
(71 let) Sepulveda, California, USA
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Desatero přikázání
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75 Bratři Karamazovi
Bratři Karamazovi
The White Squaw
The White Squaw
70 Vysoké nebe
Vysoké nebe

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