Tully Marshall (1864 - 1943)

Tully Marshall, Actor: The Cat and the Canary. Tully Marshall intended to pursue a legal career, until he tried a dramatic course at Santa Clara University. He started stage work in San Francisco in 1883 and moved to New York in 1887, where he played in various roles on Broadway and on the road. After a few small parts in films he was given the role of the High Priest of Babylon in the D.W. ...

Nevada City, California, USA
(78 let) Encino, California, USA
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79 The Big Trail
The Big Trail
84 Zjizvená tvář
Zjizvená tvář
62 Hitlers Madman
Hitlers Madman
The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu
The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu
83 Gangsterská nevěsta
Gangsterská nevěsta
60 The Merry Widow
The Merry Widow

2014Všechny slibya.z.

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1939The Kid from Texasfilm

1938Američan v Oxfordufilm

1938Arsene Lupin Returnsfilm

1938College Swingfilm

1938Hold That Kissfilm

1938Making the Headlinesfilm

1938Mr. Boggs Steps Outfilm

1937California Straight Aheadfilm

1937Hold 'Em Navyfilm

1937Loď ztracených dušífilm

1937She Asked for Itfilm


1935A Tale of Two Citiesfilm

1935Black Furyfilm

1935Diamond Jimfilm


1934Murder on the Blackboardfilm


1933Fighting with Kit Carsonfilm

1933Laughing at Lifefilm

1933Night of Terrorfilm

1932Afraid to Talkfilm

1932Arsène Lupinfilm



1932Lidé v hotelufilm

1932Muž, kterého jsem zabilfilm

1932Night Courtfilm

1932Red Dustfilm

1932Scandal for Salefilm

1932Strangers of the Eveningfilm

1932The Beast of the Cityfilm

1932The Cabin in the Cottonfilm

1932The Hatchet Manfilm

1932The Hollywood Handicapfilm

1932The Hurricane Expressfilm

1932Two-Fisted Lawfilm

1932Zjizvená tvářfilm

1931Fighting Caravansfilm

1931The Millionairefilm

1931The Unholy Gardenfilm

1931Virtuous Husband, Thefilm

1930Burning Upfilm

1930Common Clayfilm

1930Dancing Sweetiesfilm


1930Murder Will Outfilm

1930Numbered Menfilm

1930One Night at Susie'sfilm


1930She Couldn't Say Nofilm

1930The Big Trailfilm

1930Tom Sawyerfilm

1930Under a Texas Moonfilm

1929Královna Kellyfilm


1929Skin Deepfilm

1929The Bridge of San Luis Reyfilm

1929The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchufilm

1929The Show of Showsfilm


1929Tiger Rosefilm

1928Alias Jimmy Valentinefilm


1928Fanfáry láskyfilm

1928Mad Hourfilm

1928The Perfect Crimefilm

1928The Trail of '98film

1927Beware of Widowsfilm

1927Jim, the Conquerorfilm

1927Příšerná chvílefilm

1927The Gorillafilm

1926Her Big Nightfilm

1926Moderní Carmenfilm

1926Old Loves and Newfilm


1925Anything Oncefilm

1925Clothes Make the Piratefilm

1925Half-Way Girl, Thefilm

1925Smouldering Firesfilm

1925The Merry Widowfilm

1925The Pace That Thrillsfilm

1925The Talkerfilm

1924Along Came Ruthfilm

1924For Salefilm

1924Hold Your Breathfilm

1924Pagan Passionsfilm

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1923Fools and Richesfilm

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1923Krytý vůzfilm

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1923Richard the Lion-Heartedfilm

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1923The Barefoot Boyfilm

1923The Brass Bottlefilm

1923The Dangerous Maidfilm


1923Zvoník u Matky Božífilm

1922Any Nightfilm

1922Deserted at the Altarfilm

1922Fools of Fortunefilm

1922Good Men and Truefilm

1922Is Matrimony a Failure?film

1922Ladder Jinx, Thefilm

1922Marriage Chance, Thefilm

1922Only a Shop Girlfilm


1922Super Sex, Thefilm

1922The Beautiful and Damnedfilm

1922The Lying Truthfilm

1922The Village Blacksmithfilm

1922Too Much Businessfilm

1922Without Compromisefilm

1921Hail the Womanfilm

1921Lotus Blossomfilm

1921Silent Yearsfilm

1921The Cup of Lifefilm

1920Double Speedfilm

1920Excuse My Dustfilm

1920Her Beloved Villainfilm

1920Honest Hutchfilm

1920Sick Abedfilm

1920The Dancin' Foolfilm

1920The Gift Supremefilm

1920The Little 'Fraid Ladyfilm

1920The Slim Princessfilm

1920What Happened to Rosafilm

1919Cheating Cheatersfilm

1919Daughter of Minefilm


1919Hawthorne of the U.S.A.film

1919Her Kingdom of Dreamsfilm

1919Lady of Red Butte, Thefilm

1919Maggie Pepperfilm

1919The Crimson Gardeniafilm

1919The Fall of Babylona.z.

1919The Girl Who Stayed at Homefilm

1919The Grim Gamefilm

1919The Life Linefilm

1919The Lottery Manfilm


1918Bound in Moroccofilm

1918Man From Funeral Range, Thefilm

1918Old Wives for Newfilm

1918Sic 'Em, Samfilm

1918Slečinka z vesnicefilm

1918The Squaw Manfilm

1918The Whispering Chorusfilm

1918Things We Love, Thefilm

1918Too Many Millionsfilm

1918We Can't Have Everythingfilm

1917A Modern Musketeerfilm

1917Romance zlatých polífilm

1917The Countess Charmingfilm

1917The Devil-Stonefilm

1917The Golden Fetterfilm


1916A Child of the Paris Streetsfilm

1916Devil's Needle, Thefilm

1916Everybody's Doing Itfilm

1916Fatal Glass of Beer, Thefilm


1916Joan the Womanfilm

1916Let Katie Do Itfilm

1916Martha's Vindicationfilm

1916Oliver Twistfilm


1915Sable Lorcha, Thefilm

1915The Painted Soulfilm

1914Paid in Fullfilm

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