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Michela Andreozzi, Actress: Dietro Un Grande Uomo. Born in Rome with southern Italian roots, she has acted since she was a child. She's mostly a comedian, but does everything that she finds interesting. She writes and directs too, less than she would like to. She speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish and some dialects. She loves her husband, her family, her beloved books and old movies, Norwegian Wood, Jane Austen and Breakfast at Tiffany's. ...

Řím, Lazio, Itálie
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61 Fratelli unici
Fratelli unici
56 Společnice v lásce
Společnice v lásce
Tutta colpa di Freud
Tutta colpa di Freud
Un amore di strega
Un amore di strega
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Stai lontana da me
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Fuga di cervelli


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2009Un amore di stregaTV film

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