Roy Rowland (1910 - 1995)

Roy Rowland, Director: Meet Me in Las Vegas. Roy Rowland studied law at the University of Southern California, then joined MGM as a script clerk. As if getting that job wasn't enough good luck in the middle of the Depression, he also married the niece of MGM chief Louis B. Mayer. He sharpened his directing chops at MGM with a series of shorts starting in the 1930s, then moved up to features in 1943. He spent quite a bit of time at the studio...

New York City, New York, USA
(84 let) Orange, California, USA
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69 Tygr sedmi moří
Tygr sedmi moří
Bugles in the Afternoon
Bugles in the Afternoon
Meet Me in Las Vegas
Meet Me in Las Vegas
The Moonlighter
The Moonlighter
Rogue Cop
Rogue Cop
The Girl Hunters
The Girl Hunters

1966Tygr sedmi mořífilm

1965Sie nannten ihn Gringofilm

1964Gunfighters of Casa Grandefilm

1963Girl Hunters, Thefilm

1957Arrivederci Romafilm

1957Gun Gloryfilm


1956Meet Me in Las Vegasfilm

1956These Wilder Yearsfilm

1955Hit the Deckfilm

1955Many Rivers to Crossfilm

1954Rogue Copfilm

1954Witness to Murderfilm

1953Affair with a Strangerfilm

1953The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. Tfilm

1953The Moonlighterfilm

1952Bugles in the Afternoonfilm

1951Excuse My Dustfilm

1950The Outridersfilm

1950Two Weeks with Lovefilm

1949Scene of the Crimefilm

1948Tenth Avenue Angelfilm

1947Killer McCoyfilm

1947The Romance of Rosy Ridgefilm

1946Boys' Ranchfilm

1945Our Vines Have Tender Grapesfilm

1943A Stranger in Townfilm

1943Lost Angelfilm

1941Sucker Listfilm

1940Jack Potfilm

1940You, the Peoplefilm

1939An Hour for Lunchfilm

1939Dark Magicfilm

1939Home Earlyfilm

1939How to Eatfilm

1939How to Sub-Letfilm

1939Think Firstfilm

1938Courtship of the Newt, Thefilm

1938Evening Alone, Anfilm

1938How to Figure Income Taxfilm

1938How to Raise a Babyfilm

1938How to Readfilm

1938How to Watch Footballfilm

1938Mental Poisefilm

1938Music Made Simplefilm

1938Opening Dayfilm

1937Cinema Circusfilm

1937Hollywood Partyfilm

1937How to Start the Dayfilm

1937Night at the Movies, Afilm

1937Song of Revoltfilm

1936Sun-Kissed Stars at Palm Springsfilm

1934Hollywood Partyfilm

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