Pert Kelton

Pert Kelton (1907 - 1968)

Pert Kelton, Actress: The Music Man. Vaudevillain, Broadway player and, for one decade from 1929, screen actress often in comedic roles. She also appeared in character parts in a handful of 60s films. She is memorable as the original - and the most believable - Alice Kramden, wife of Ralph Kramden (immortalized by Jackie Gleason), in TV's "The Honeymooners." Kelton's performances took place (ca. 1950-52) when "Honeymooners" had yet ...

Great Falls, Montana, USA
(61 let) Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA
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Cain and Mabel
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Vždyť jsme jen jednou na světě
The Bowery
The Bowery
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Bed of Roses
The Honeymooners 50th Anniversary Celebration
The Honeymooners 50th Anniversary Celebration

2002The Honeymooners 50th Anniversary CelebrationTV film

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1993Honeymooners: The Really Lost Debut Episodes, TheTV film

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1959Ballad of Louie the Louse, TheTV film

1947Hollywood Bounda.z.

1939Whispering Enemiesfilm

1938Rhythm of the Saddlefilm

1938Slander Housefilm

1938Vždyť jsme jen jednou na světěfilm

1937Cinema Circusfilm

1937Meet the Boy Friendfilm

1937The Hit Paradefilm

1937Women of Glamourfilm

1936Cain and Mabelfilm

1936Kelly the Secondfilm

1936Laughing at Troublefilm

1936Pan Handlersfilm

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1935A Night at the Biltmore Bowlfilm

1935Annie Oakleyfilm

1935Hooray for Lovefilm

1935Mary Burns, Fugitivefilm

1934Bachelor Baitfilm

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1933Bed of Rosesfilm

1933Signing 'em Upfilm

1933The Boweryfilm

1931Albany Bunch, Thefilm

1931Next Door Neighborsfilm

1930Hot Curvesfilm

1930Their Wives' Vacationfilm


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