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Ron Oliver, Director: Grand-Daddy Day Care. Emmy-nominated director/writer/producer/composer Ron Oliver started his career with the cult hit Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)--called "the Blue Velvet (1986) of high school horror movies" by the Los Angeles Times--and since then has directed and/or written award-winning theatrical feature films and television ratings hits for studios such ...
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48 Dokonalé protiklady
Dokonalé protiklady
23 Smrtící déšť
Smrtící déšť
49 Doktorka k nakousnutí
Doktorka k nakousnutí
74 All She Wants for Christmas
All She Wants for Christmas
51 Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
46 Recipe for Love
Recipe for Love

2018Christmas EverlastingTV film

2018Truly, Madly, SweetlyTV film

2017A Man for Every MonthTV film

2017Big Fat Liar 2film

2017Like Cats and DogsTV film

2017The Christmas TrainTV film

2016Date with LoveTV film

2016Doktorka k nakousnutíTV film

2016Every Christmas Has a StoryTV film

2016Mostly Ghostly 3: One Night in Doom HouseTV film

2015A Christmas DetourTV film

2015Angel of ChristmasTV film

2015Dokonalé protikladyfilm

2015I Do, I Do, I DoTV film

2015Romantically SpeakingTV film

2014Beethoven's Treasurefilm

2014Mom and Dad UndergradsTV film

2014On PaperTV film

2014Recipe for LoveTV film

2014Wedding Planner MysteryTV film

2013Her Husband's BetrayalTV film

2013Trainer, TheTV film

2012Broken TrustTV film

2012CupidTV film

2012Love at the Thanksgiving Day ParadeTV film

2012The Music TeacherTV film

2011SmoochTV film

2010Válka blogerekTV film

2009Smrtící déšťTV film

2009Zlo přicházíTV film

2008Ice Bluesfilm

2008Jinak jen smrtfilm

2008Svatební horečkaTV film

2008Sérum pravdyTV film

2007Postrach Dennis o Vánocíchfilm

2006All She Wants for ChristmasTV film

2006My Silent PartnerTV film

2006Otřes systémufilm

2005Chasing ChristmasTV film

2005Ten třetí je navícTV film

2004Have You Heard? Secret Centralfilm


2001Noční můry 2: Ztracený táborfilm

1994Atomic TommyTV film

1992Liar's EdgeTV film

1989Prom Night III: The Last Kissfilm

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