Gilbert M. Anderson (1880 - 1971)

Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson, Director: The Son-of-a-Gun. American actor-director-writer-producer Gilbert M. Anderson, father of the movie cowboy and the first Western star, was born Maxwell Henry Aronson in Little Rock, Arkansas. His parents, Esther (Ash) and Henry Aronson, were from New York. His father was from a German Jewish family, and his mother was the daughter of Russian Jewish parents. He had ...

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
(90 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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The Bounty Killer
The Bounty Killer
Broncho Billys Sermon
Broncho Billys Sermon
Andy of the Royal Mounted
Andy of the Royal Mounted
The Spanish Girl
The Spanish Girl
Life with Henry
Life with Henry
79 Chaplin boxerem
Chaplin boxerem

1965The Bounty Killerfilm

1941Life with Henryfilm

1922The Greater Dutyfilm

1919Red Blood and Yellowfilm

1919The Son-of-a-Gunfilm

1918Divoký střelecfilm

1916Her Lessonfilm


1916The Book Agent's Romancefilm

1916The Man in Himfilm

1915A Christmas Revengefilm

1915An Unexpected Romancefilm

1915Andy of the Royal Mountedfilm

1915Broncho Billy Begins Life Anewfilm

1915Broncho Billy Evens Mattersfilm

1915Broncho Billy Misledfilm

1915Broncho Billy Steps Infilm

1915Broncho Billy Well Repaidfilm

1915Broncho Billy and the Babyfilm

1915Broncho Billy and the Card Sharpfilm

1915Broncho Billy and the Claim Jumpersfilm

1915Broncho Billy and the Escaped Banditfilm

1915Broncho Billy and the False Notefilm

1915Broncho Billy and the Land Grabberfilm

1915Broncho Billy and the Lumber Kingfilm

1915Broncho Billy and the Possefilm

1915Broncho Billy and the Sistersfilm

1915Broncho Billy and the Vigilantefilm

1915Broncho Billy's Brotherfilm

1915Broncho Billy's Cowardly Brotherfilm

1915Broncho Billy's Greaser Deputyfilm

1915Broncho Billy's Love Affairfilm

1915Broncho Billy's Marriagefilm

1915Broncho Billy's Mexican Wifefilm

1915Broncho Billy's Parentsfilm

1915Broncho Billy's Protégéfilm

1915Broncho Billy's Sentencefilm

1915Broncho Billy's Surrenderfilm

1915Broncho Billy's Teachingsfilm

1915Broncho Billy's Vengeancefilm

1915Broncho Billy's Word of Honorfilm

1915Broncho Billy, Sheepmanfilm

1915Chaplin boxeremfilm

1915Her Realizationfilm

1915Her Returnfilm

1915His Regenerationfilm

1915His Wife's Secretfilm

1915Ingomar of the Hillsfilm

1915Suppressed Evidencefilm

1915The Bachelor's Babyfilm

1915The Bachelor's Burglarfilm

1915The Burglar's Godfatherfilm

1915The Convict's Threatfilm

1915The Escape of Broncho Billyfilm

1915The Face at the Curtainfilm

1915The Indian's Narrow Escapefilm

1915The Little Prospectorfilm

1915The Other Girlfilm

1915The Outlaw's Awakeningfilm

1915The Revenue Agentfilm

1915The Tie That Bindsfilm

1915The Wealth of the Poorfilm

1915The Western Wayfilm

1915Too Much Turkeyfilm

1915When Love and Honor Calledfilm

1915Wine, Women and Songfilm

1914Broncho Billy -- Favoritefilm

1914Broncho Billy -- Gun-Manfilm

1914Broncho Billy Butts Infilm

1914Broncho Billy Guardianfilm

1914Broncho Billy Puts One Overfilm

1914Broncho Billy Rewardedfilm

1914Broncho Billy Trappedfilm

1914Broncho Billy Wins Outfilm

1914Broncho Billy and the Bad Manfilm

1914Broncho Billy and the Gamblerfilm

1914Broncho Billy and the Greaserfilm

1914Broncho Billy and the Mine Sharkfilm

1914Broncho Billy and the Rattlerfilm

1914Broncho Billy and the Red Manfilm

1914Broncho Billy and the Settler's Daughterfilm

1914Broncho Billy and the Sherifffilm

1914Broncho Billy and the Sheriff's Officefilm

1914Broncho Billy's Christmas Spiritfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Close Callfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Cunningfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Dadfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Decisionfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Double Escapefilm

1914Broncho Billy's Dutyfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Fatal Jokefilm

1914Broncho Billy's Indian Romancefilm

1914Broncho Billy's Jealousyfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Judgmentfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Leapfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Missionfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Motherfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Punishmentfilm

1914Broncho Billy's Schemefilm

1914Broncho Billy's Sermonfilm

1914Broncho Billy's True Lovefilm

1914Broncho Billy's Wild Ridefilm

1914Broncho Billy, Outlawfilm

1914Broncho Billy, a Friend in Needfilm

1914Broncho Billy, the Vagabondfilm

1914Night on the Road, Afilm

1914Red Riding Hood of the Hillsfilm

1914Snakeville's New Doctorfilm

1914The Calling of Jim Bartonfilm

1914The Good-for-Nothingfilm

1914The Interference of Broncho Billyfilm

1914The Redemption of Broncho Billyfilm

1914The Squatter's Galfilm

1914The Strategy of Broncho Billy's Sweetheartfilm

1914The Tell-Tale Handfilm

1914The Treachery of Broncho Billy's Palfilm

1913Bonnie of the Hillsfilm

1913Broncho Billy Gets Squarefilm

1913Broncho Billy Reformsfilm

1913Broncho Billy and the Express Riderfilm

1913Broncho Billy and the Maidfilm

1913Broncho Billy and the Navajo Maidfilm

1913Broncho Billy and the Outlaw's Motherfilm

1913Broncho Billy and the Rustler's Childfilm

1913Broncho Billy and the Schoolmam's Sweetheartfilm

1913Broncho Billy and the Sheriff's Kidfilm

1913Broncho Billy and the Squatter's Daughterfilm

1913Broncho Billy and the Step-Sistersfilm

1913Broncho Billy and the Western Girlsfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Brotherfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Capturefilm

1913Broncho Billy's Christmas Deedfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Consciencefilm

1913Broncho Billy's Elopementfilm

1913Broncho Billy's First Arrestfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Gratefulnessfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Gritfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Gun Playfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Last Deedfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Mistakefilm

1913Broncho Billy's Oathfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Reasonfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Secretfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Sisterfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Squarenessfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Strategyfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Wardfilm

1913Broncho Billy's Wayfilm

1913Sophie's New Foremanfilm

1913The Accusation of Broncho Billyfilm

1913The Crazy Prospectorfilm

1913The Doctor's Dutyfilm

1913The Influence of Broncho Billyfilm

1913The Making of Broncho Billyfilm

1913The Man in the Cabinfilm

1913The New Schoolmarm of Green Riverfilm

1913The Ranch Feudfilm

1913The Redeemed Claimfilm

1913The Strugglefilm

1913The Tenderfoot Sherifffilm

1913The Three Gamblersfilm

1913The Wheels of Safetyfilm

1913Western Sister's Devotion, Afilm

1913Why Broncho Billy Left Bear Countryfilm

1912A Child of the Purple Sagefilm

1912A Child of the Westfilm

1912A Moonshiner's Heartfilm

1912A Road Agent's Lovefilm

1912A Story of Montanafilm

1912A Western Legacyfilm

1912Alkali Ike Bests Broncho Billyfilm

1912An Arizona Escapadefilm

1912An Indian Sunbeamfilm

1912An Indian's Friendshipfilm

1912Broncho Billy Outwittedfilm

1912Broncho Billy and the Banditsfilm

1912Broncho Billy and the Girlfilm

1912Broncho Billy and the Indian Maidfilm

1912Broncho Billy and the Schoolmistressfilm

1912Broncho Billy for Sherifffilm

1912Broncho Billy's Biblefilm

1912Broncho Billy's Escapadefilm

1912Broncho Billy's Gratitudefilm

1912Broncho Billy's Heartfilm

1912Broncho Billy's Last Hold-Upfilm

1912Broncho Billy's Love Affairfilm

1912Broncho Billy's Mexican Wifefilm

1912Broncho Billy's Narrow Escapefilm

1912Broncho Billy's Palfilm

1912Broncho Billy's Promisefilm

1912On El Monte Ranchfilm

1912On the Cactus Trailfilm

1912The Bandit's Childfilm

1912The Cattle King's Daughterfilm

1912The Dead Man's Claimfilm

1912The Deputy and the Girlfilm

1912The Deputy's Love Affairfilm

1912The Desert Sweetheartfilm

1912The Foreman's Cousinfilm

1912The Indian and the Childfilm

1912The Oath of His Officefilm

1912The Ranch Girl's Mistakefilm

1912The Ranch Girl's Trialfilm

1912The Ranchman's Trustfilm

1912The Reward for Broncho Billyfilm

1912The Sheepman's Escapefilm

1912The Sheriff and His Manfilm

1912The Smuggler's Daughterfilm

1912The Tenderfoot Foremanfilm

1912Under Mexican Skiesfilm

1912Western Girlsfilm

1912Western Heartsfilm

1912Wife of the Hills, Afilm

1911A Pal's Oathfilm

1911A Story of the Westfilm

1911A Thwarted Vengeancefilm

1911A Western Girl's Sacrificefilm

1911A Western Redemptionfilm

1911An Indian's Sacrificefilm

1911At the Break of Dawnfilm

1911Broncho Bill's Last Spreefilm

1911Broncho Billy's Adventurefilm

1911Broncho Billy's Christmas Dinnerfilm

1911Carmenita the Faithfulfilm

1911Forgiven in Deathfilm

1911Hubby's Schemefilm

1911On the Desert's Edgefilm

1911Outwitting Papafilm

1911Přes pláněfilm

1911Spike Shannon's Last Fightfilm

1911The Backwoodsman's Suspicionfilm

1911The Bad Man's Downfallfilm

1911The Bad Man's First Prayerfilm

1911The Border Rangerfilm

1911The Bunco Game at Lizardheadfilm

1911The Cattleman's Daughterfilm

1911The Corporation and the Ranch Girlfilm

1911The Count and the Cowboysfilm

1911The Cowboy Cowardfilm

1911The Faithful Indianfilm

1911The Forester's Pleafilm

1911The Girl Back Eastfilm

1911The Girl of the Westfilm

1911The Indian Maiden's Lessonfilm

1911The Infant at Snakevillefilm

1911The Lucky Cardfilm

1911The Millionaire and the Squatterfilm

1911The Mountain Lawfilm

1911The Outlaw Deputyfilm

1911The Outlaw Samaritanfilm

1911The Outlaw and the Childfilm

1911The Power of Goodfilm

1911The Puncher's Lawfilm

1911The Puncher's New Lovefilm

1911The Ranchman's Sonfilm

1911The Romance on "Bar O"film

1911The Sheriff's Brotherfilm

1911The Sheriff's Chumfilm

1911The Sheriff's Decisionfilm

1911The Stage Driver's Daughterfilm

1911The Strike at the Little Jonny Minefilm

1911The Tribe's Penaltyfilm

1911The Two Fugitivesfilm

1911The Two Reformationsfilm

1911The Two-Gun Manfilm

1911Town Hall, Tonightfilm

1911What a Woman Can Dofilm

1910A Cowboy's Mother-in-Lawfilm

1910A Cowboy's Vindicationfilm

1910A Gambler of the Westfilm

1910A Ranchman's Wooingfilm

1910A Vein of Goldfilm

1910A Western Maidfilm

1910A Westerner's Wayfilm

1910An Indian Girl's Lovefilm

1910Away Out Westfilm

1910Broncho Billy's Redemptionfilm

1910Circle C Ranch's Wedding Presentfilm

1910Count That Counted, Thefilm

1910Desperado, Thefilm

1910Electric Insolesfilm

1910He Met the Championfilm

1910Marked Trail, Thefilm

1910Method in His Madnessfilm

1910Outlaw's Sacrifice, Thefilm

1910Pals of the Rangefilm

1910Patricia of the Plainsfilm

1910Sheriff's Sacrifice, Thefilm

1910The Bad Man and the Preacherfilm

1910The Bad Man's Christmas Giftfilm

1910The Bad Man's Last Deedfilm

1910The Bandit's Wifefilm

1910The Bearded Banditfilm

1910The Brother, Sister and the Cowpuncherfilm

1910The Cowboy and the Squawfilm

1910The Cowboy's Sweetheartfilm

1910The Cowpuncher's Wardfilm

1910The Deputy's Lovefilm

1910The Dumb Half Breed's Defensefilm

1910The Fence on "Bar Z" Ranchfilm

1910The Flower of the Ranchfilm

1910The Forest Rangerfilm

1910The Girl and the Fugitivefilm

1910The Girl on Triple Xfilm

1910The Little Doctor of the Foothillsfilm

1910The Little Prospectorfilm

1910The Mexican's Faithfilm

1910The Millionaire and the Ranch Girlfilm

1910The Mistaken Banditfilm

1910The Pony Express Riderfilm

1910The Ranch Girl's Legacyfilm

1910The Ranchman's Feudfilm

1910The Ranger's Bridefilm

1910The Silent Messagefilm

1910The Tenderfoot Messengerfilm

1910The Unknown Claimfilm

1910Tout's Remembrance, Thefilm

1910Trail to the Westfilm

1910Trailed to the Hillsfilm

1910Under Western Skiesfilm

1910Western Chivalryfilm

1910Won by a Hold-Upfilm

1909A Maid of the Mountainsfilm

1909A Mexican's Gratitudefilm

1909A Tale of the Westfilm

1909His Reformationfilm



1909Tag Dayfilm

1909Ten Nights in a Barroomfilm

1909The Best Man Winsfilm

1909The Black Sheepfilm

1909The Heart of a Cowboyfilm

1909The Indian Trailerfilm

1909The Ranchman's Rivalfilm

1909The Road Agentsfilm

1909The Spanish Girlfilm

1908Life of an American Cowboy, Thefilm

1908The Bandit Makes Goodfilm

1908The Baseball Fanfilm

1907The Bandit Kingfilm

1907Western Justicefilm

1905Adventures of Sherlock Holmesfilm

1905The Train Wreckersfilm

1904A Brush Between Cowboys and Indiansfilm

1904Western Stage Coach Hold Upfilm

1903Messenger Boy's Mistake, Thefilm

1903Velká železniční loupežfilm

1903What Happened in the Tunnelfilm

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