Marianne Stone (1922 - 2009)

Marianne Stone, Actress: Lolita. She was one British character player who seemed to show up everywhere on post-war film, stage and TV, although, more times than not, could barely be glimpsed. A most efficient actress, Marianne Stone's career spanned four decades and was primarily enjoyed in bawdy, ribald comedy playing lowbrow or working-class ladies about town (waitresses, barmaids, clerks, shrews, landladies, secretaries, ...

Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
(87 let) Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
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Marianne Stone oblíbené filmy

75 Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain
80 Lolita
83 Perný den
Perný den
77 Zkáza Titaniku
Zkáza Titaniku
89 Korunní svědek
Korunní svědek
86 Panu učiteli s láskou
Panu učiteli s láskou

1986Terry on the Fencefilm

1985Deja vufilm

1984Bláznivá dobrodružství Robina HoodaTV film

1983Funny Moneyfilm


1981Dangerous Davies: The Last DetectiveTV film

1979Lidský faktorfilm

1979The Class of Miss MacMichaelfilm

1978Sammy's Super T-Shirtfilm

1978What's Up Superdoc!film

1977Confessions from a Holiday Campfilm

1976I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonightfilm

1976Little Lord FauntleroyTV film

1976Neuvěřitelná Sarahfilm

1975Carry On Behindfilm

1975Šťastná rukafilm

1974Carry On Dickfilm

1974Cherry Picker, Thefilm

1974Confessions of a Window Cleanerfilm


1974Mistress Pamelafilm

1974Penny Goldfilm

1974Percyho možnostifilm


1973Carry On Girlsfilm

1973Oživlé zlofilm

1973The Love Banfilm

1973The Vault of Horrorfilm

1972All Coppers

1972Au Pair Girlsfilm

1972Bless This Housefilm

1972Tower of Evilfilm

1972Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?film

1971All the Right Noisesfilm


1971Běsnící měsícfilm

1971Carry On at Your Conveniencefilm

1971Countess Draculafilm

1971Danny Jonesfilm

1971Firechasers, Thefilm

1971Mr. Forbush and the Penguinsfilm

1970Doctor in Troublefilm

1970Every Home Should Have Onefilm

1970Games, Thefilm

1970Incense for the Damnedfilm


1970There's a Girl in My Soupfilm

1969Best House in London, Thefilm


1969Jaká to rozkošná válka!film

1969Lock Up Your Daughters!film

1969Šlechtici a podvodnícifilm

1968Baby Lovefilm

1968Blaho paní Blossomovéfilm

1968Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the Riverfilm


1968Twisted Nervefilm


1967Carry on Doctorfilm

1967Dlouhý soubojfilm

1967Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bushfilm

1967Hraběnka z Hongkongufilm

1967Jokers, Thefilm

1967Panu učiteli s láskoufilm

1967The Man Outsidefilm

1966Carry On Screaming!film

1966Don't Lose Your Headfilm

1966Nesprávná truhlafilm

1966Spy with a Cold Nose, Thefilm

1966The Sandwich Manfilm

1965Act of Murderfilm

1965Catch Us If You Canfilm

1965Devils of Darknessfilm


1965Intelligence Men, Thefilm

1965Night Caller, Thefilm

1965Strangler's Webfilm

1965You Must Be Joking!film

1964Blind Cornerfilm

1964Das Verrätertorfilm

1964Perný denfilm

1964Rattle of a Simple Manfilm

1964The Beauty Junglefilm

1964The Curse of the Mummy's Tombfilm

1964Troubled Watersfilm

1964We Shall Seefilm


1964Zpropadená kariérafilm

1963Carry On Jackfilm

1963Doktor v nesnázíchfilm

1963Echo of Dianafilm

1963Falešná ruka zákonafilm

1963Heavens Above!film

1963Hi-Jackers, Thefilm

1963Ladies Who Dofilm

1963Marked One, Thefilm


1963The World Ten Times Overfilm

1963Ukradené hodinyfilm


1963West 11film

1963Zásah v pravou chvílifilm

1962Andělé spásyfilm

1962Band of Thievesfilm

1962Cool Mikado, Thefilm

1962Fast Lady, Thefilm




1962Night of the Prowlerfilm

1962Play It Coolfilm

1962Return to Senderfilm

1962The Wild and the Willingfilm

1962Two and Two Make Sixfilm

1961Den, kdy Země vzplanulafilm

1961Double Bunkfilm

1961Five Golden Hoursfilm

1961On the Fiddlefilm

1961The Frightened Cityfilm

1961Watch it, Sailor!film

1960Big Day, Thefilm

1960Doctor in Lovefilm

1960Hell Is a Cityfilm

1960Hněvivé tichofilm

1960Never Let Gofilm

195939 Steps, Thefilm

1959Bouřlivý letfilm

1959Carry On Nursefilm

1959Follow a Starfilm

1959Horrors of the Black Museumfilm

1959I'm All Right Jackfilm

1959Jack the Ripperfilm

1959Korunní svědekfilm

1959No Trees in the Streetfilm

1959Operation Bullshinefilm

1959Patálie kolem Gaillardiefilm

1959Please Turn Overfilm

1959The Heart of a Manfilm

1959The Man Who Liked Funeralsfilm

1958A Cry from the Streetsfilm

1958Corridors of Bloodfilm

1958Golden Disc, Thefilm

1958Innocent Sinnersfilm

1958Zkáza Titanikufilm

1957At the Stroke of Ninefilm

1957Bratři mezi paragrafyfilm

1957Don Quijotefilm

1957Good Companions, Thefilm

1957Kapička štěstífilm

1957Man from Tangierfilm

1957Man with a Dogfilm

1957Prodané životyfilm

1957Quatermass 2film

1957The Naked Truthfilm

1957Time Lockfilm

1957Woman in a Dressing Gownfilm

1956A Day of One's Ownfilm

1956Bond of Fearfilm

1956Charley Moonfilm

1956Cloak Without Daggerfilm


1956Fun at St. Fanny'sfilm

1956High Terracefilm


1956Person Unknownfilm

1956The Intimate Strangerfilm

1956Tiger in the Smokefilm

1956Touch of the Sun, Afilm

1956Vojínův postupfilm

1956Yield to the Nightfilm

1955Barbados Questfilm

1955Man of the Momentfilm

1955Passport to Treasonfilm

1955Portrait of Alisonfilm

1955Simon and Laurafilm

1955The Brain Machinefilm

1955The Quatermass Xperimentfilm

1954Beautiful Strangerfilm

1954Dance Little Ladyfilm

1954Gay Dog, Thefilm

1954Mad About Menfilm

1954Runaway Bus, Thefilm

1954The Crowded Dayfilm

1954The Good Die Youngfilm

1954You Know What Sailors Arefilm

195336 Hoursfilm

1953A Day to Rememberfilm


1953The Dog and the Diamondsfilm

1953The Netfilm

1952Angels One Fivefilm

1952Colonel March Investigatesfilm

1952Time Gentlemen Please!film

1952Venetian Birdfilm

1951Appointment with Venusfilm


1951High Treasonfilm

1951Kouzelná skříňkafilm

1951The Clouded Yellowfilm

1950Rocky Mountainfilm

1950Seven Days to Noonfilm

1949A Boy, a Girl and a Bikefilm

1949Adam and Evelynefilm

1949Marry Mefilm

1949Miss Pilgrim's Progressfilm

1949Run for Your Money, Afilm

1948Idol of Parisfilm

1948It's Hard to Be Goodfilm

1947Brightonský špalekfilm

1947Escape Dangerousfilm

1947When the Bough Breaksfilm

1943Miss London

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