Jim Davis

Jim Davis (1909 - 1981)

Jim Davis, Actor: Big Jake. Tall, rangy Jim Davis spent much of his early career in westerns, mainly at Republic Pictures. The Missouri-born and -raised Davis' relaxed, easygoing manner and Southern drawl easily fit most moviegoers' image of the cowboy, and Republic put him in a ton of them over the years (the fact that, unlike a lot of movie cowboys, he looked right at home on a horse didn't hurt, either). He alternated ...

Edgerton, Missouri, USA
(71 let) Northridge, California, USA
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Jim Davis oblíbené filmy

90 Sedm statečných
Sedm statečných
83 El Dorado
El Dorado
73 Rio Lobo
Rio Lobo
73 Pohled společnosti Parallax
Pohled společnosti Parallax
70 Vysoké nebe
Vysoké nebe
64 Monte Walsh
Monte Walsh

1981Don't Look Back: The Story of Leroy 'Satchel' PaigeTV film

1980Den, kdy se zastavil časfilm

1978Killing StoneTV film

1978Přijíždí jezdecfilm

1977Choirboys, Thefilm

1977EnigmaTV film

1977Just a Little InconvenienceTV film

1977Legend of Frank Woods, Thefilm

1977Trail of DangerTV film

1976Law of the LandTV film

1975Runaway Barge, TheTV film

1975Satan's TriangleTV film

1974Inferno in Paradisefilm

1974Pohled společnosti Parallaxfilm

1973Deliver Us From EvilTV film

1973One Little Indianfilm

1972Jezdci rodeafilm

1972Mizerná bandafilm

1971Dracula Vs. Frankensteinfilm

1971Trackers, TheTV film

1971VanishedTV film

1971Velký Jakefilm

1970Five Bloody Gravesfilm

1970Monte Walshfilm

1970Rio Lobofilm

1969Ice House, Thefilm

1968The Road Hustlersfilm

1968They Ran for Their Livesfilm

1967Border Lustfilm

1967Fort Utahfilm

1967Hondo and the ApachesTV film

1966El Doradofilm

1966Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughterfilm

1965Zebra in the Kitchenfilm

1964Iron Angelfilm

1961Frontier Uprisingfilm

1961Gambler Wore a Gun, Thefilm

1960Noose for a Gunmanfilm

1960Sedm statečnýchfilm

1959Alias Jesse Jamesfilm

1958A Lust To Killfilm

1958Flaming Frontierfilm

1958Toughest Gun in Tombstonefilm

1958Wolf Dogfilm

1957Apache Warriorfilm

1957Badge of Marshal Brennan, Thefilm

1957Duel at Apache Wellsfilm

1957Guns Don't Arguea.z.

1957Monster from Green Hellfilm

1957Raiders of Old Californiafilm

1957The Last Stagecoach Westfilm

1957The Quiet Gunfilm

1957The Restless Breedfilm

1956Blonde Baitfilm

1956Frontier Gamblerfilm

1956The Bottom of the Bottlefilm

1956The Maverick Queenfilm

1956The Wild Dakotasfilm

1955Last Command, Thefilm

1955Last of the Desperadosfilm

1955The Vanishing Americanfilm


1954Hell's Outpostfilm

1954Jubilee Trailfilm

1954Outlaw's Daughterfilm

1954The Big Chasefilm

1954The Outcastfilm

1953Bandit Islandfilm

1953The President's Ladyfilm

1953Woman They Almost Lynchedfilm

1952Ride the Man Downfilm

1952Rose of Cimarronfilm

1952Vysoké nebefilm

1952Woman of the North Countryfilm

1951Cavalry Scoutfilm

1951Little Big Hornfilm

1951Oh! Susannafilm

1951Silver Canyonfilm

1951The Sea Hornetfilm

1951Three Desperate Menfilm

1950California Passagefilm


1950Savage Horde, Thefilm

1950The Cariboo Trailfilm

1950The Showdownfilm



1949Red Stallion in the Rockiesfilm

1949Yes Sir That's My Babyfilm

1948Winter Meetingfilm

1947Merton of the Moviesfilm

1947The Beginning or the Endfilm

1947The Fabulous Texanfilm

1947The Romance of Rosy Ridgefilm

1946Gallant Bessfilm

1946Somewhere in the Nightfilm

1946Up Goes Maisiefilm

1945What Next, Corporal Hargrove?film

1943Salute to the Marinesfilm

1943Swing Shift Maisiefilm

1943Three Hearts for Juliafilm


1942Keep 'Em Sailingfilm

1942Northwest Rangersfilm

1942Stand by for Actionfilm

1942Tennessee Johnsonfilm

1942White Cargofilm

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