Louis Natheaux (1894 - 1942)

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Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA
(47 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
Louis Natheaux csfd

Louis Natheaux oblíbené filmy

84 Občan Kane
Občan Kane
87 Edison
87 After the Thin Man
After the Thin Man
77 North West Mounted Police
North West Mounted Police
86 Moderní doba
Moderní doba
77 Union Pacific
Union Pacific


1942My Favorite Blondefilm

1942Sing Your Worries Awayfilm

1942Sunday Punchfilm

1941Blues in the Nightfilm

1941Free and Easyfilm

1941I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Islandfilm

1941Občan Kanefilm

1941Strange Alibifilm

1941The Case of the Black Parrotfilm

1941West Point Widowfilm

1940Bitter Sweetfilm

1940Brother Orchidfilm


1940Gallant Sonsfilm

1940It's a Datefilm

1940Jack Potfilm

1940North West Mounted Policefilm

1940Slečna Kittyfilm

1940The Ghost Comes Homefilm

1940We Who Are Youngfilm

19396000 Enemiesfilm


1939Hell's Kitchenfilm

1939It's a Wonderful Worldfilm

1939Lucky Nightfilm

1939Smashing the Money Ringfilm

1939That's Right - You're Wrongfilm

1939Union Pacificfilm

1938A Slight Case of Murderfilm


1938Hrdina dnefilm

1938Over the Wallfilm

1938Three Loves Has Nancyfilm

1938Vacation from Lovefilm

1937All Over Townfilm

1937Hraběnka Walewskáfilm

1937Kid Galahadfilm

1937Make Way for Tomorrowfilm

1937Mama Steps Outfilm

1937Man of the Peoplefilm

1937Midnight Courtfilm

1937Missing Witnessesfilm

1937Mountain Musicfilm

1937On the Avenuefilm

1937Poslední vlak od Madridufilm

1937Swing High, Swing Lowfilm

1937The Grand Bouncefilm

1937Vítězný běhfilm

1937Wells Fargofilm

1937Wild Moneyfilm

1936After the Thin Manfilm

1936Captain Calamityfilm

1936Come Closer, Folksfilm

1936Fifteen Maiden Lanefilm

1936Forgotten Facesfilm

1936Go-get-'em Hainesfilm

1936Gold Diggers of 1937film

1936High Tensionfilm

1936His Brother's Wifefilm

1936Important Newsfilm

1936Její komorníkfilm

1936Moderní dobafilm

1936Sinner Take Allfilm

1936Sworn Enemyfilm

1936Velký Billfilm

1936Yours for the Askingfilm

1935A Night at the Ritzfilm

1935Alibi Ikefilm

1935Atlantic Adventurefilm

1935Broadway Hostessfilm


1935Grand Exitfilm

1935Hot Moneyfilm

1935It's in the Airfilm

1935Love Me Foreverfilm

1935Magnificent Obsessionfilm

1935Miss Pacific Fleetfilm

1935She Married Her Bossfilm

1935Slightly Staticfilm

1935Southern Exposurefilm

1935Special Agentfilm

1935Star of Midnightfilm

1935The Daring Young Manfilm

1935The Four Star Boarderfilm

1935The Perfect Gentlemanfilm

1935Vagabond Ladyfilm

1934Death on the Diamondfilm

1934Dostihy smrtifilm

1934Gambling Ladyfilm


1934I Am a Thieffilm

1934I'll Fix Itfilm

1934Kočičí pracičkafilm

1934Lady by Choicefilm

1934Men of the Nightfilm

1934Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolenfilm

1934The Gay Bridefilm

1934Žena v poutechfilm

1933A Quiet Nightfilm

1933Blood Moneyfilm


1933Emergency Callfilm

1933Gambling Shipfilm

1933Noční letfilm

1933The Constant Womanfilm

1933The Fighting Codefilm

1933Wild Boys of the Roadfilm

1932Behind Jury Doorsfilm

1932Disorderly Conductfilm

1932Madison Sq. Gardenfilm

1932Rasputin and the Empressfilm

1932Sinister Handsfilm

1932The All-Americanfilm

1932Thirteen Womenfilm

1932Upíři v bílémfilm

1931Bad Girlfilm

1931Malý Cézarfilm

1931Reckless Livingfilm

1931Street Scenefilm

1931The Secret Sixfilm


1930Madam Satanfilm

1930Murder on the Rooffilm

1930Squealer, Thefilm

1930The Big Housefilm

1930This Mad Worldfilm

1929Broadway Babiesfilm

1929Girls Gone Wildfilm

1929Mexicali Rosefilm

1929Weary Riverfilm

1929Why Be Good?film

1928A Ship Comes Infilm

1928Four Wallsfilm

1928Midnight Madnessfilm

1928Ned McCobb's Daughterfilm

1928Stand and Deliverfilm

1928Stool Pigeonfilm

1928Tenth Avenuefilm

1928The Copfilm

1927A Harp in Hockfilm

1927Dress Paradefilm

1927Fighting Lovefilm

1927Král králůfilm

1927Man Baitfilm

1927My Friend From Indiafilm

1927The Country Doctorfilm

1927Turkish Delightfilm

1926Risky Businessfilm

1926Sunny Side Upfilm

1926The Clinging Vinefilm

1925The Coming of Amosfilm

1924The Fast Setfilm

1922Super Sex, Thefilm

1921Hon na liškufilm

1921Passing Throughfilm

1920The Devil's Riddlefilm

1919Tin Pan Alleyfilm

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