Bertila Damas

Bertila Damas, Actress: Nothing But Trouble. Bertila Damas is an American television, film and theater actress. She was born in Cuba of a Puerto Rican-American Mother and Cuban Father. She is known for her no nonsense approach to acting and life as well as her irreverent sense of humor, her compassion, and a straight-up, heart of gold, no crap kind of energy. She is the eldest of 3 children ...
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Nic než trable
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The Insomniac
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Mi vida loca
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True Friends
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Pan Vražda
56 Prison of Secrets
Prison of Secrets


2016Dependent's Dayfilm

2013The Insomniacfilm

1998Pan VraždaTV film

1998True Friendsfilm

1997Prison of SecretsTV film

1995Spring Fling!TV film

1993Mi vida locafilm

1992Detektiv Janek: Vraždy na trati č. 9TV film

1991Nic než trablefilm

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