Paul Panzer (1872 - 1958)

Paul Panzer, Actor: The Black Book. Born in Germany in 1872, Paul Panzer spent several years on the stage before entering the film industry with Edison in 1905. He later went to Vitagraph, one of the first actors to work at that studio, but left them in 1911. He directed one film, The Life of Buffalo Bill (1912), with the real Buffalo Bill (aka William F. Cody) released by Monopol, ...

Würzburg, Německá říše
(85 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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85 Casablanca
82 Konvoj do Murmanska
Konvoj do Murmanska
84 Cizinci ve vlaku
Cizinci ve vlaku
Hitler - Beast of Berlin
Hitler - Beast of Berlin
83 Mildred Pierceová
Mildred Pierceová
79 Frankenstein

1952The Story of Will Rogersfilm

1952The Winning Teamfilm

1951Cizinci ve vlakufilm

1951Come Fill the Cupfilm

1951Storm Warningfilm

1951Tomorrow Is Another Dayfilm

1950Perfect Strangersfilm

1950So You Think You're Not Guiltyfilm

1950The Cariboo Trailfilm

1949A Kiss in the Darkfilm

1949Always Leave Them Laughingfilm

1949John Loves Maryfilm

1949Night Unto Nightfilm

1949The Girl from Jones Beachfilm

1949The Younger Brothersfilm

1948Adventures of Don Juanfilm

1948Always Togetherfilm

1948April Showersfilm

1948Embraceable Youfilm

1948Let's Sing Grandfather's Favoritesa.z.

1948Smart Girls Don't Talkfilm

1948So You Want an Apartmentfilm

1948So You Want to Be a Gamblerfilm

1948To the Victorfilm

1948Zahraniční aférafilm

1947Cesta ke hvězdámfilm

1947Cry Wolffilm

1947Love and Learnfilm

1947My Wild Irish Rosefilm

1947Slepá uličkafilm

1947So You're Going on a Vacationfilm

1947Stallion Roadfilm

1947That Way with Womenfilm

1947The Unfaithfulfilm

1946Her Kind of Manfilm


1946My Reputationfilm

1946One More Tomorrowfilm

1946Plášť a dýkafilm

1946So You Want to Keep Your Hairfilm

1946So You Want to Play the Horsesfilm

1946The Locketfilm

1946The Time, the Place and the Girlfilm

1946Uloupený životfilm

1945Danger Signalfilm

1945Hotel Berlinfilm

1945Mildred Pierceováfilm

1945Propustka do nebefilm

1945Roughly Speakingfilm

1945San Antoniofilm

1945Saratoga Trunkfilm

1944Dobrodružství Marka Twainafilm

1944In Our Timefilm

1944Shine On, Harvest Moonfilm

1944The Conspiratorsfilm

1944Uncertain Gloryfilm

1943Konvoj do Murmanskafilm

1943Mission to Moscowfilm

1943Oklahoma Outlawsfilm

1943The Hard Wayfilm

1942Busses Roarfilm


1942Murder in the Big Housefilm

1942Secret Enemiesfilm

1942Yankee Doodle Dandyfilm

1942You Can't Escape Foreverfilm

1941A Shot in the Darkfilm

1941All Through the Nightfilm

1941Bad Men of Missourifilm

1941Dangerously They Livefilm

1941Flight from Destinyfilm

1941Highway Westfilm

1941Lidská sílafilm

1941Shadows on the Stairsfilm

1941Shining Victoryfilm

1941Three Sons o' Gunsfilm

1941To je John Doefilm


1940'Til We Meet Againfilm

1940A Fugitive from Justicefilm

1940Always a Bridefilm

1940Calling All Husbandsfilm

1940City for Conquestfilm

1940Flight Angelsfilm

1940King of the Lumberjacksfilm

1940Knute Rockne All Americanfilm

1940Money and the Womanfilm

1940Murder in the Airfilm

1940No Time for Comedyfilm

1940River's Endfilm

1940Saturday's Childrenfilm

1940She Couldn't Say Nofilm

1940Skrytý nepřítelfilm

1940They Knew What They Wantedfilm

1939Angels Wash Their Facesfilm

1939Code of the Secret Servicefilm

1939Daughters Courageousfilm

1939Devil's Islandfilm

1939Dust Be My Destinyfilm

1939Each Dawn I Diefilm

1939Four Wivesfilm

1939Hitler - Beast of Berlinfilm

1939Idiot's Delightfilm

1939King of the Underworldfilm

1939Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircasefilm

1939Nancy Drew... Reporterfilm

1939On Trialfilm

1939On Your Toesfilm

1939Secret Service of the Airfilm

1939Slapsie Maxie'sfilm

1939Smashing the Money Ringfilm

1939The Kid from Kokomofilm

1939The Return of Doctor Xfilm

1939They Made Me a Criminalfilm

1939Torchy Blane in Chinatownfilm

1939Torchy Blane... Playing with Dynamitefilm

1939Women in the Windfilm

1939Yes, My Darling Daughterfilm

1938Brána sedmi mořífilm

1938Gold Diggers in Parisfilm

1938Hard to Getfilm

1938He Couldn't Say Nofilm

1938Heart of the Northfilm

1938International Crimefilm

1938Men Are Such Foolsfilm

1938Mystery Housefilm

1938Penrod's Double Troublefilm

1938Racket Bustersfilm

1938Romance Roadfilm


1938Torchy Blane in Panamafilm

1938Valley of the Giantsfilm

1938When Were You Bornfilm

1938Šťastné přistánífilm

1937Back in Circulationfilm

1937Charlie Chan at the Olympicsfilm


1937Dance Charlie Dancefilm

1937Draegerman Couragefilm

1937Fly Away Babyfilm

1937Her Husband's Secretaryfilm

1937Kid Galahadfilm

1937Land Beyond the Lawfilm

1937Little Pioneerfilm

1937Melody for Twofilm

1937Men in Exilefilm

1937Midnight Courtfilm

1937Missing Witnessesfilm

1937Poznamenaná ženafilm

1937Prairie Thunderfilm

1937San Quentinfilm

1937She Loved a Firemanfilm

1937Sing Me a Love Songfilm


1937Smart Blondefilm

1937Submarine D-1film

1937The Case of the Stuttering Bishopfilm

1937The Cherokee Stripfilm

1937The Go-Getterfilm

1937The Great O'Malleyfilm

1937The Littlest Diplomatfilm

1937The Road Backfilm

1937The Romance of Robert Burnsfilm

1937Under Southern Starsfilm

1936Bengal Tigerfilm

1936Cain and Mabelfilm


1936Děvče z barufilm

1936Give Me Libertyfilm

1936Here Comes Carterfilm

1936Hot Moneyfilm

1936I Married a Doctorfilm


1936King of Hockeyfilm

1936Law in Her Hands, Thefilm

1936The Case of the Black Catfilm

1936The Walking Deadfilm

1936The White Angelfilm

1936Times Square Playboyfilm

1936Trailin' Westfilm

1936Treachery Rides the Rangefilm

1935Bright Lightsfilm

1935Captain Bloodfilm


1935Dr. Socratesfilm

1935Front Page Womanfilm

1935Going Highbrowfilm

1935Gypsy Sweetheartfilm

1935Keystone Hotelfilm

1935Moonlight on the Prairiefilm

1935Oil for the Lamps of Chinafilm

1935Shipmates Foreverfilm


1935Sweet Musicfilm

1935The Florentine Daggerfilm

1935The Payofffilm

1935The White Cockatoofilm

1935Traveling Salesladyfilm

1935We're in the Moneyfilm


1934Gentlemen Are Bornfilm

1934I Am a Thieffilm

1934Journal of a Crimefilm

1934Kočičí pracičkafilm

1934Murder In Trinidadfilm

1934Sweet Adelinefilm

1934Sword of the Arabfilm

1934The Firebirdfilm

1934The Mighty Barnumfilm

1934Černá kočkafilm

1933A Bedtime Storyfilm


1933Havana Widowsfilm

1933Life in the Rawfilm


1933Parachute Jumperfilm

1933Píseň písnífilm

1933The Kennel Murder Casefilm

1933The King's Vacationfilm

1933The Vampire Batfilm

1933Vůz Jeho Veličenstvafilm

1932Docks of San Franciscofilm

1932Doomed Battalionfilm

1932Police Courtfilm

1932Scarlet Dawnfilm

1932Sin's Pay Dayfilm

1932The Crooked Circlefilm

1932The Dark Horsefilm

1932The Devil Is Drivingfilm

1932The Kid from Spainfilm

1932The Man Who Played Godfilm

1931Ambassador Billfilm

1931Cavalier of the Westfilm

1931Defenders of the Lawfilm

1931Die große Fahrtfilm

1931First Aidfilm


1931I Like Your Nervefilm

1931Quick Millionsfilm

1931Sea Devilsfilm

1931The Montana Kidfilm


1930The Second Floor Mysteryfilm

1930Three Faces Eastfilm


1929Hawk of the Hillsfilm


1929Tarzan the Tigerfilm

1929The Black Bookfilm

1928George Washington Cohenfilm

1928Glorious Betsyfilm

1928Rinty of the Desertfilm

1928The Candy Kidfilm

1928The Chinatown Mysteryfilm

1928The City of Purple Dreamsfilm

1927Brass Knucklesfilm

1927Hawk of the Hillsfilm

1927Sally In Our Alleyfilm

1927The Girl from Chicagofilm

1927Wolf's Clothingfilm

192630 Below Zerofilm

1926Black Paradisefilm

1926Dixie Merchant, Thefilm

1926Obey the Lawfilm


1926The High Flyerfilm

1926The Johnstown Floodfilm

1925East Lynnefilm

1925Fool, Thefilm

1925Milostný román princeznyfilm

1925Shock Punch, Thefilm

1925The Ancient Marinerfilm

1925The Best Bad Manfilm

1925The Mad Marriagefilm

1925Thunder Mountainfilm

1925Too Many Kissesfilm

1924A Son of the Saharafilm

1924Wages of Virtuefilm

1924Week End Husbandsfilm

1923Big Brotherfilm

1923Jacqueline, or Blazing Barriersfilm

1923Mighty Lak' a Rosefilm

1923Nepřátelé ženfilm

1923Under the Red Robefilm

1923Unseeing Eyesfilm

1922Mohican's Daughter, Thefilm

1922The Bootleggersfilm

1922When Knighthood Was in Flowerfilm

1919The Masked Riderfilm

1919Who's Your Brother?film

1918House of Hate, Thefilm

1918The Mysterious Mr. Browningfilm

1918The Unchastened Womanfilm

1918The Woman the Germans Shotfilm

1917Jimmie Dale, Alias the Grey Sealfilm

1917One Bride Too Manyfilm

1916A Sea Mysteryfilm

1916Broken Fettersfilm


1916Elusive Isabelfilm

1916Girl Who Didn't Tell, Thefilm

1916The Heart of a Mermaidfilm

1916The Highway of Fatefilm

1915Li'l Nor'westerfilm

1915The Bribefilm

1915The Tale of the 'C'film

1915The Taming of Maryfilm

1915The Woman Who Liedfilm

1915Under Southern Skiesfilm

1914In the Mesh of Her Hairfilm

1914The Last Volunteerfilm

1914The Perils of Paulinefilm

1914Záhady New Yorkufilm

1913In the Days of Warfilm

1912Arrowmaker's Daughter, Thefilm

1912Life of Buffalo Bill, Thefilm

1912Nation's Peril, Afilm

1912On the Brink of the Chasmfilm

1912Spendthrift's Reform, Thefilm

1911Convict's Heart, Afilm

1911Love Molds Laborfilm

1911Monte Cristofilm

1910Maid of Niagara, Thefilm

1910New Magdalene, Thefilm

1909Launcelot and Elainefilm

1909Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairyfilm

1908Antony and Cleopatrafilm

1908Francesca di Rimini; or, The Two Brothersfilm

1908Julius Caesarfilm


1908Merchant of Venice, Thefilm


1908Richard IIIfilm

1908Romeo and Julietfilm

1908The Thieving Handfilm

1907The Haunted Hotelfilm

1906Getting Evidencefilm

1905A Gentleman of Francefilm

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