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James Waterston, Actor: Dead Poets Society. James Waterston is an actor and a pianist with a great love of New Orleans music. He comes from family of actors and artists and he counts himself privileged to do what he does. He has traveled and performed around the world doing television, stage and film. He has lived in New Orleans, Paris, Los Angeles, and all over the east coast. He is ...

New York City, New York, USA
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86 Společnost mrtvých básníků
Společnost mrtvých básníků
38 Svatební mrákoty
Svatební mrákoty
75 Živě z Bagdádu
Živě z Bagdádu
Volby srdce
Volby srdce
Little Sweetheart
Little Sweetheart
Dear Dumb Diary
Dear Dumb Diary

2015And It Was Goodfilm

2013Dear Dumb DiaryTV film

2004Svatební mrákotyTV film

2002Without WarningTV film

2002Živě z BagdáduTV film

2001Shrinking VioletTV film

2001Volby srdceTV film

2001Volby srdceTV film

2000Christyin návratTV film

1993Dog Race in Alaska, Afilm

1989Little Sweetheartfilm

1989Společnost mrtvých básníkůfilm

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