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Lilly Singh, Actress: Bad Moms. Lilly Singh is a successful, famous Canadian YouTuber, known as Superwoman. She is also known for her role in the movie "Dr. Cabbie" (2014) and the YouTube series "Giving Back Glam" (2014) ; "The Tube's Hautest" (2014) and "Lana Steele : Make Up Spy" (2015). She is also known for her rapping skills and has a few songs : #LEH feat. Humble The Poet (2014); IVIVI feat. Humble The Poet (2015) and she...

Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Kanada
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57 Doba ledová: Mamutí drcnutí
Doba ledová: Mamutí drcnutí
62 Matky na tahu
Matky na tahu
62 Dr. Cabbie
Dr. Cabbie
Fahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451
50 F*&  the Prom
F*& the Prom

2018Fahrenheit 451TV film

2017F*&% the Promfilm

2016Doba ledová: Mamutí drcnutífilm

2016Matky na tahufilm

2014Dr. Cabbiefilm

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