Charlotte Comer

Charlotte Comer, Actress: Clash of the Titans. Born in Cheshire, England, moved to Manchester with her parents when she was two years old. As a child she attended ballet school and then the Manchester Youth Dance Theatre. As a teenager started her career in the world of fashion. At seventeen she moved to London, and signed contract with Model One agency. After few years, she began professional drama training at The Drama Centre in London. Two...
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55 Souboj Titánů
Souboj Titánů
55 Noční směna
Noční směna
69 W.E.
67 11. září
11. září
58 The Wyvern Mystery
The Wyvern Mystery
Number 13
Number 13

2016Noční směnafilm

2010Souboj Titánůfilm

2008Macbeth's Disciplefilm

200611. zářífilm

2006Number 13TV film

2000The Wyvern MysteryTV film

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