John Van Dreelen

John Van Dreelen (1922 - 1992)

John Van Dreelen, Actor: 13 Ghosts. The son of a celebrated Dutch actor, John Van Dreelen may have come by his debonair countenance with a bit of help from his continental pedigree. Fluent in several languages, he was reported to have escaped a concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Holland by disguising himself as one of the German officers he would later play so often on both big and small screens. Though he bookended and sprinkled ...

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nizozemsko
(70 let)
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John Van Dreelen oblíbené filmy

84 Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge
81 Von Ryanův Expres
Von Ryanův Expres
Monte Carlo Baby
Monte Carlo Baby
The Wizard of Baghdad
The Wizard of Baghdad
The Enemy General
The Enemy General
79 A Time to Love and a Time to Die
A Time to Love and a Time to Die


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1962LauraTV film

1960Beyond the Time Barrierfilm

1960The Enemy Generalfilm

1960The Leech Womanfilm

1960The Wizard of Baghdadfilm

196013 Ghostsfilm

1959The Flying Fontainesfilm

1958A Time to Love and a Time to Diefilm

1957Monsignores große StundeTV film

1957ScampoloTV film

1957Zwei Herzen voller Seligkeitfilm

1956Die TochterTV film

1956In Hamburg sind die Nächte langfilm

1956Schiff ohne HafenTV film

1956StaatsbegräbnisTV film


1955Der letzte Aktfilm

1954Ein Mädchen aus Parisfilm


1953Moselfahrt aus Liebeskummerfilm

1953Rote Rosen, rote Lippen, roter Weinfilm

1952Brelan d'asfilm

1952Moulin Rougefilm

1951Monte Carlo Babyfilm

1951Pojedeme do Monte Carlafilm

1948But Not In Vainfilm


1948Niet tevergeefsfilm

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