Wally Vernon

Wally Vernon (1905 - 1970)

Wally Vernon, Actor: The Gorilla. Both a great dancer and a hilarious comedian, in show business since the age of three, Wally Vernon could have had a more significant screen career than he had. Not in terms of quantity since he appeared in no fewer than ninety-five movies or TV episodes but in terms of quality. Indeed besides Henry King and his delightful Alexander's Ragtime Band...

New York City, New York, USA
(64 let) Van Nuys, California, USA
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Wally Vernon oblíbené filmy

The White Squaw
The White Squaw
Bloodhounds of Broadway
Bloodhounds of Broadway
81 Alexandrův ragtime band
Alexandrův ragtime band
Reveille with Beverly
Reveille with Beverly
Fury at Gunsight Pass
Fury at Gunsight Pass
72 Dolarová manželství
Dolarová manželství

1964Dolarová manželstvífilm

1956Columbia Laff Houra.z.

1956Come on Sevenfilm

1956Fury at Gunsight Passfilm

1956The White Squawfilm

1955He Took a Powderfilm

1955His Pest Friendfilm

1955Nobody's Homefilm

1954Doggie in the Bedroomfilm

1953Affair with a Strangerfilm

1953He Popped His Pistolfilm

1952A Fool and His Honeyfilm

1952Bloodhounds of Broadwayfilm

1952Heebie Gee-Geesfilm

1952Strop, Look and Listenfilm

1952What Price Gloryfilm

1951Fun on the Runfilm

1951He Flew the Shrewfilm

1950Beauty on Paradefilm

1950Border Rangersfilm


1950Holiday Rhythmfilm

1950House About Itfilm

1950I Shot Billy the Kidfilm

1950Train to Tombstonefilm

1949Always Leave Them Laughingfilm

1949Let Down Your Aerialfilm

1949Square Dance Jubileefilm

1949The Lucky Stifffilm

1948A-Hunting They Did Gofilm

1948Behind Locked Doorsfilm

1948Crabbin' in the Cabinfilm

1948He Walked by Nightfilm

1948Joe Palooka in Fighting Madfilm

1948Joe Palooka in Winner Take Allfilm

1948King of the Gamblersfilm

1948Parlor, Bedroom and Wrathfilm

1944Call of the South Seasfilm

1944Outlaws of Santa Fefilm

1944Silent Partnerfilm

1944Silver City Kidfilm

1944Stagecoach to Montereyfilm

1943A Scream in the Darkfilm

1943Black Hills Expressfilm

1943California Joefilm

1943Canyon Cityfilm

1943Fugitive from Sonorafilm

1943Get Goingfilm

1943Here Comes Elmerfilm

1943Hit Parade of 1943film

1943Pistol Packin' Mamafilm

1943Reveille with Beverlyfilm

1943Tahiti Honeyfilm

1943The Man from the Rio Grandefilm

1943Thumbs Upfilm

1941Fresh as a Freshmanfilm


1940Sailor's Ladyfilm

1940Sandy Gets Her Manfilm

1939Broadway Serenadefilm

1939Charlie Chan at Treasure Islandfilm

1939Chasing Dangerfilm

1939Tail Spinfilm

1939The Gorillafilm

1938Alexandrův ragtime bandfilm

1938Kentucky Moonshinefilm

1938Meet the Girlsfilm


1938Šťastné přistánífilm

1937Mountain Musicfilm

1937Slečna spisovatelfilm

1937Submarine D-1film

1937This Way Pleasefilm

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