Kevin Meyer

Kevin Meyer, Writer: Armadillos. Worked on many of his dad's award-winning PBS documentaries, while growing up. Attended the prestigious USC School of Cinema Television, where his final student film, with partner Jeff Burr, won over a dozen film festivals around the world as an official representative of USC and the United States. Since then, Kevin has written and directed movies...
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Kevin Meyer oblíbené filmy

34 Dokonalé alibi
Dokonalé alibi
52 Invaze do soukromí
Invaze do soukromí
Divided We Fall
Divided We Fall
35 Nebezpečné vyšetřování
Nebezpečné vyšetřování
Across Five Aprils
Across Five Aprils

1995Dokonalé alibifilm

1993Nebezpečné vyšetřovánífilm

1992Invaze do soukromífilm

1990Across Five Aprilsfilm

1982Divided We Fallfilm

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