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Carl Franklin, Director: Out of Time. Carl Franklin studied history and dramatic arts at UC Berkeley. After several years as a television actor with guest shots, roles in TV movies, miniseries, and appearing as a regular on a few unsuccessful series, he returned to school and received his master's degree in directing from the American Film Institute. He was then hired by Roger Corman's Concorde Films because they were impressed with ...

Richmond, California, USA
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72 Jediná správná věc
Jediná správná věc
67 Presumpce viny
Presumpce viny
59 Babička Ultima
Babička Ultima
59 Těžký zločin
Těžký zločin
57 Ďábel v modrém
Ďábel v modrém
Nowhere to Run
Nowhere to Run

2013Babička Ultimafilm

2013Chico Blanco, Elfilm

2003Presumpce vinyfilm

2002Těžký zločinfilm

1998Jediná správná věcfilm

1995Ďábel v modrémfilm

1993Laurel AvenueTV film

1992Jeden chybný krokfilm

1990Pět sáhů pod hladinoufilm

1989Nowhere to Runfilm

1989Oko orla IIfilm


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