Richard Crane (1918 - 1969)

Richard Crane, Actor: Behind Green Lights. Dark haired, athletic American leading man of 40's B-movies. Richard Crane was at his most successful at a time when Hollywood was somewhat denuded of its male stars, most of whom were doing wartime military service. Upon their return to the ranks, Crane's career went into decline. He did, however, have a brief resurgence in the 1950's as the ...

Newcastle, Indiana, USA
(50 let) San Fernando Valley, California, USA
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Richard Crane oblíbené filmy

84 Bílá legie
Bílá legie
Eagle Squadron
Eagle Squadron
63 Flying Tigers
Flying Tigers
Corvette K-225
Corvette K-225
Cry Havoc
Cry Havoc
44 The Alligator People
The Alligator People

1964Surf Partyfilm

1963House of the Damnedfilm

1963Please Don't Touch Mefilm

1962Devil's Partner, Thefilm

1961Boy Who Caught a Crookfilm

196013 Fighting Menfilm

1959Battle Flamefilm

1959The Alligator Peoplefilm


1957Bailout at 43,000film

1957Guns Don't Arguea.z.

1956Beyond the MoonTV film

1956Blast OffTV film

1956Cold Sun, TheTV film

1956Forbidden MoonTV film

1956Manhunt in SpaceTV film

1956Menace from Outer SpaceTV film

1956Renegade SatelliteTV film

1956Robot of Regalio, TheTV film

1956The Eddy Duchin Storyfilm

1956The Magnetic MoonTV film

1955Bobby Ware Is Missingfilm

1955No Man's Womanfilm

1955The Eternal Seafilm

1954Crash of MoonsTV film

1954Duel in SpaceTV film

1954Silver Needle in the Skya.z.

1954The Gypsy MoonTV film

1953Flight Nursefilm

1953Sea of Lost Shipsfilm

1953The Great Adventures of Captain Kiddfilm

1953The Neanderthal Manfilm

1953Winning of the Westfilm

1953Woman They Almost Lynchedfilm

1952Leadville Gunslingerfilm

1952Thundering Caravansfilm

1951Home Town Storyfilm

1951Muž v sedlefilm

1951Mysterious Islandfilm

1951The Last Outpostfilm

1950A Lady Without Passportfilm


1948Angel on the Amazonfilm

1948Arthur Takes Overfilm

1948Campus Honeymoonfilm

1948Triple Threatfilm

1948Waterfront at Midnightfilm

1946Behind Green Lightsfilm

1946Johnny Comes Flying Homefilm

1946The Flying Serpentfilm

1945Captain Eddiefilm

1944Americká romancefilm

1944Jdi za chlapcifilm

1944Ladies Courageousfilm

1944None Shall Escapefilm

1944Patrolling the Etherfilm

1944Wing and a Prayerfilm

1943Bílá legiefilm

1943Corvette K-225film

1943Cry 'Havoc'film

1943Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Casefilm

1943Happy Landfilm

1943Riders of the Deadlinefilm

1943Someone to Rememberfilm

1943This Is the Armyfilm

1942Eagle Squadronfilm

1942Flying Tigersfilm

1942Her Cardboard Loverfilm

1942Phantom Plainsmen, Thefilm

1942Sweater Girlfilm

1942This Time for Keepsfilm

1941Double Datefilm

1941In the Navyfilm

1941Keep 'Em Flyingfilm

1941The Saint in Palm Springsfilm

1940Keeping Companyfilm

1940Meet the Wildcatfilm

1940Susan and Godfilm

1940We Who Are Youngfilm

1940Who Killed Aunt Maggie?film

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