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Saby Kamalich, Actress: Mariana, Mariana. Saby Kamalich began her career in her natal Peru, in 1971 she migrated to Mexico, country where she got the Mexican nacionality. In 1988 she won Ariel award for her acting in the film Mariana, Mariana (1987), the Ariel is the most important cinema award in Mexico. She starred in many telenovelas as Simplemente María (1969), Rosas para Verónica (1971), Mi rival (1973), Mi hermana la nena (1976), ...

Lima, Peru
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Balún Canán
Balún Canán
Las tres perfectas casadas
Las tres perfectas casadas
Otra mujer, La
Otra mujer, La

1987Mariana, Marianafilm

1976Balún Canánfilm

1973Las tres perfectas casadasfilm

1973Valente Quinterofilm

1972Otra mujer, Lafilm

1971Elena y Raquelfilm

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