Alix Angelis

Alix Angelis

Alix Angelis, Actress: The Magnificent Seven. Alix is a second generation Colombian-American actress born in Gainesville, FL. Daughter of Diana Angelis, an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Systems Engineer and James Angelis, an Air Force Major Flight Nurse. She grew up with her twin sister, singer-songwriter Kris Angelis, on a small farm with free range cows and retired dressage horses. She studied Environmental Studies at UCSB before attending ...
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67 Sedm statečných
Sedm statečných
47 Kráska mezi muži
Kráska mezi muži
41 Milenec na záskok
Milenec na záskok
37 Visible Scars
Visible Scars
Sister Marys Angel
Sister Marys Angel

2017Burying Amberfilm

2017Milenec na záskokfilm

2016Sedm statečnýchfilm

2014Sister Mary's Angelfilm

2012Visible Scarsfilm

2010Kráska mezi mužiTV film

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