Josef Swickard (1866 - 1940)

Josef Swickard, Actor: You Can't Take It with You. A veteran stage and screen actor, Swickard was the brother of actor Charles Swickard. He entered films in 1912 and was playing supporting roles for Mack Sennett by 1914. He remained with Sennett until 1917 when he started numerous aristocratic roles in films. His career in sound films was somewhat limited and he played in low-budget and action ...

Koblenz, Německo
(73 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Josef Swickard oblíbené filmy

77 Křižáci
69 The Wizard of Oz
The Wizard of Oz
66 Král králů
Král králů
79 Vždyť jsme jen jednou na světě
Vždyť jsme jen jednou na světě
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head
Under Your Spell
Under Your Spell

1966City of Lost Mena.z.

1940City of Lost Mena.z.

1939$1000 a Touchdownfilm

1939Dick Tracy's G-Menfilm

1939Mexicali Rosefilm

1939Pal from Texas, Thefilm

1939The Mad Empressfilm

1938Say It in Frenchfilm

1938The Secret of Treasure Islandfilm

1938Vždyť jsme jen jednou na světěfilm

1937Fit for a Kingfilm


1937The Girl Said Nofilm

1937The Sheik Steps Outfilm

1937Zorro vítězífilm

1936Caryl of the Mountainsfilm

1936Custer's Last Standa.z.

1936Custer's Last Standfilm

1936Lash of the Penitentesfilm

1936The Black Coinfilm

1936The Boss Rider of Gun Creekfilm

1936The Millionaire Kidfilm

1936Under Your Spellfilm

1935A Dog of Flandersfilm

1935A Notorious Gentlemanfilm

1935Chandu on the Magic Islanda.z.

1935Irish Gringo, Thefilm


1935Lost City, Thea.z.

1935Love Me Foreverfilm

1935The Lost Cityfilm

1934All Men Are Enemiesfilm


1934Cross Streetsfilm

1934Hello, Prosperityfilm

1934The Man Who Reclaimed His Headfilm

1934The Return of Chandufilm


1933The Narrow Cornerfilm

1933The Perils of Paulinefilm


1930Phantom of the Desertfilm

1930Song of the Caballerofilm

1930The Lone Defenderfilm

1929Bachelor's Clubfilm

1929Dark Skiesfilm

1929Frozen Riverfilm

1929Street Cornerfilm

1929The Devil's Chaplainfilm

1929The Eternal Womanfilm

1929The Veiled Womanfilm

1929Times Squarefilm



1928Dreary Housefilm

1928Eagle of the Nightfilm

1928Sharp Shootersfilm

1928Toy Shop, Thefilm

1928Turn Back the Hoursfilm


1927False Moralsfilm

1927Get Your Manfilm

1927Hotel Imperialfilm

1927Král králůfilm

1927Old San Franciscofilm

1927One Increasing Purposefilm


1927The Golden Stallionfilm

1927Time to Lovefilm

1926Desert Goldfilm

1926Devil's Dicefilm

1926Don Juanfilm

1926Kentucky Handicapfilm

1926Officer Jimfilm

1926Senor Daredevilfilm

1926Stop, Look and Listenfilm

1926The Border Whirlwindfilm

1926The High Flyerfilm

1926The Night Patrolfilm

1926The Unknown Cavalierfilm

1926Three Palsfilm

1926Whispering Canyonfilm

1925Battling Romeofilm

1925Easy Moneyfilm

1925Fifth Avenue Modelsfilm

1925Keeper of the Bees, Thefilm

1925Mac's Bethfilm

1925Mysterious Stranger, Thefilm

1925Northern Codefilm

1925Off the Highwayfilm

1925Playing with Soulsfilm

1925She Wolvesfilm

1925Taming of the Shrewdfilm

1925The Sign of the Cactusfilm

1925The Verdictfilm

1925The Wizard of Ozfilm

1924Boy of Flanders, Afilm

1924Dante's Infernofilm

1924Defying the Lawfilm


1924North of Nevadafilm

1924Pal o' Minefilm

1924Poisoned Paradisefilm

1924The Shadow of the Eastfilm

1924Untamed Youthfilm

1923A Prince of a Kingfilm


1923Cricket on the Hearth, Thefilm

1923Daughters of the Richfilm

1923Forgive and Forgetfilm



1923Mr. Billings Spends His Dimefilm

1923The Age of Desirefilm

1923The Eternal Strugglefilm

1922Across the Deadlinefilm

1922Another Man's Shoesfilm

1922My American Wifefilm

1922Oh, Mabel Behavefilm


1922The Adventures of Robinson Crusoefilm

1922The Golden Giftfilm

1922The Stormfilm

1922The Young Rajahfilm

1921Beach of Dreamsfilm

1921Cheated Heartsfilm

1921No Woman Knowsfilm

1921Opened Shuttersfilm


1921Sowing the Windfilm

1921Who Am I?film

1921Čtyři příšerní jezdci z Apokalypsyfilm

1920Blind Youthfilm

1920Moon Madnessfilm

1920The Beggar Princefilm

1920The Heart Snatcherfilm

1920The Third Generationfilm

1920Trumpet Islandfilm

1919A Girl in Bohemiafilm

1919A Trick of Fatefilm

1919A Woman of Pleasurefilm

1919Lady of Red Butte, Thefilm

1919Last of His People, Thefilm

1919Pretty Smoothfilm

1919Snares of Parisfilm

1918Keys of the Righteousfilm

1918The Light of the Western Starsfilm

1918The Treasure of the Seafilm

1918When a Woman Sinsfilm

1918Zákon bílého mužefilm

1917A Tale of Two Citiesfilm

1917Aerial Joy Ride, Anfilm

1917American Methodsfilm

1917Because of a Womanfilm

1917His Mother's Boyfilm

1917Maiden's Trust, Afilm

1917The Book Agentfilm

1917The Soul of Satanfilm

1917To Honor and Obeyfilm

1916A Modern Enoch Ardenfilm

1916A Social Cubfilm

1916Aerial Joyride, Anfilm

1916Ambrose's Cup of Woefilm

1916Better Late Than Neverfilm

1916Haystacks and Steeplesfilm

1916His Wild Oatsfilm

1916Love Will Conquerfilm

1916Oily Scoundrel, Anfilm

1916She Loved a Sailorfilm

1916The Danger Girlfilm

1916Vampire Ambrosefilm

1916Village Vampire, Thefilm

1916Wings and Wheelsfilm

1915A Favorite Foolfilm

1915A Submarine Piratefilm

1915Ambrose's Little Hatchetfilm

1915Ambrose's Nasty Temperfilm

1915Dirty Work in a Laundryfilm

1915Droppington's Family Treefilm

1915Fatty a zlodějifilm

1915Fatty's Tintype Tanglefilm

1915Gussle, the Golferfilm

1915Hearts and Planetsfilm

1915Hogan's Romance Upsetfilm

1915Hogan, the Porterfilm

1915Home Breaking Hound, Afilm

1915Human Hound's Triumph, Afilm

1915Love, Loot and Crashfilm

1915Love, Speed and Thrillsfilm

1915Lover's Lost Control, Afilm

1915Mabel and Fatty's Simple Lifefilm

1915Mabel, Fatty and the Lawfilm

1915My Valetfilm

1915No One to Guide Himfilm

1915Only a Messenger Boyfilm

1915Rent Jumpers, Thefilm

1915The Best of Enemiesfilm

1915Versatile Villain, Afilm

1915When Ambrose Dared Walrusfilm

1915Willful Ambrosefilm

1914Ambrose's First Falsehoodfilm

1914An Unredeemed Pledgefilm

1914Chaplin honí dolaryfilm

1914Chaplin kapesním zlodějemfilm

1914Chaplin kulisákemfilm

1914Chaplin malířemfilm

1914Chaplin sklepníkemfilm

1914Chaplin spravuje zubyfilm

1914Fatty and Minnie He-Hawfilm

1914Fatty mezi venkovanyfilm

1914He Loved the Ladiesfilm

1914Hello, Mabelfilm

1914His Talented Wifefilm

1914Incompetent Hero, Anfilm

1914Jake's Hoodoofilm

1914Noise of Bombs, Thefilm

1914Plumber, Thefilm

1914Rowboat Romance, Afilm

1914Shot in the Excitementfilm

1914The Miser's Policyfilm

1914The Rector's Storyfilm

1914The Ten of Spadesfilm

1914The Warning Cryfilm

1914They Who Dig Pitsfilm

1914Thief and the Book, Thefilm

1914Those Country Kidsfilm

1914Zip, the Dodgerfilm

1913A Spartan Girl of the Westfilm

1913Cupid in the Dental Parlorfilm

1913Get Rich Quickfilm

1913Their First Executionfilm

1912Iola's Promisefilm

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