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Jean-Michel Roux, Director: Les mille merveilles de l'univers. Born in Nancy, French director Jean Michel Roux is an autodidactic film-maker. He directed his first short film Quartier Sauvage (Wild District), which was also his first foray into fantasy, at the age of 19. The discovery of the work of Philip K. Dick delivered the inspiration for his next two shorts : La Voix du Désert (The Voice of the Desert) ...

Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Francie
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The Thousand Wonders of the Universe
The Thousand Wonders of the Universe
Trop pres des Dieux
Trop pres des Dieux
Voix du désert, La
Voix du désert, La

2009Coeur de la terre, Lefilm

1997The Thousand Wonders of the Universefilm

1992Trop pres des Dieuxfilm

1987Voix du désert, Lafilm

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