Christos Shaw

Christos Shaw, Actor: Runaway Christmas Bride. Christos Shaw, born March 11, is a Canadian actor and singer. He first appeared on Young Blades as Andre in 2005, and has since appeared in several television movies, pilots and short films. He is a regular actor on the Lifetime Network in the United States. Christos is the son of Kirk Shaw.
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31 Zabijácká hora
Zabijácká hora
35 Únos: 48 hodin v ohrožení
Únos: 48 hodin v ohrožení
41 Nech mého muže!
Nech mého muže!
Cradle of Lies
Cradle of Lies
Murder Unresolved
Murder Unresolved
25 A Very Cool Christmas
A Very Cool Christmas

2017Christmas SoloTV film

2017Daughter for SaleTV film

2017Runaway Christmas Bridefilm

2016Cradle of Liesfilm

2016Hra na láskuTV film

2015Fatal MemoriesTV film

2015Murder UnresolvedTV film

2015Stolen DaughterTV film

2015Truth & LiesTV film

2012Nech mého muže!TV film

2011Zabijácká horaTV film

2010Únos: 48 hodin v ohroženífilm

2004Very Cool Christmas, ATV film

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