Sam Newfield (1899 - 1964)

Sam Newfield, Director: State Department: File 649. Legendary "B" picture director Sam Newfield was born Samuel Neufeld in New York City. His brother was Sigmund Neufeld, later the head of PRC Pictures, where Sam made so many of his films (so many, in fact, that he had to use the pseudonyms "Peter Stewart" and "Sherman Scott" so audiences wouldn't notice that only one man directed so much of the ...

New York City, New York, USA
(64 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Hitler - Beast of Berlin
Hitler - Beast of Berlin
56 Lost Continent
Lost Continent
Flaming Frontier
Flaming Frontier
The Wild Dakotas
The Wild Dakotas
Red Hot Tires
Red Hot Tires

1958Flaming Frontierfilm

1958Wolf Dogfilm

1957Along the Mohawk Trailfilm

1957Pathfinder and the Mohican, Thefilm

1956Frontier Gamblerfilm

1956The Three Outlawsfilm

1956The Wild Dakotasfilm

1955Last of the Desperadosfilm

1955Thunder Over Sangolandfilm

1952Gambler and the Lady, Thefilm

1952Lady in the Fogfilm

1952Outlaw Womenfilm

1951Fingerprints Don't Liefilm

1951Leave It to the Marinesfilm

1951Lost Continentfilm

1951Mask of the Dragonfilm

1951Skipalong Rosenbloomfilm

1951Sky Highfilm

1951Three Desperate Menfilm


1950Motor Patrolfilm

1950Radar Secret Servicefilm

1950Western Pacific Agentfilm

1949State Department: File 649film

1949Wild Weedfilm

1948Counterfeiters, Thefilm

1948Lady at Midnightfilm

1948Miraculous Journeyfilm

1948Money Madnessfilm

1948The Strange Mrs. Cranefilm

1947Adventure Islandfilm

1947Jungle Flightfilm

1947The Sea Houndfilm

1947Three on a Ticketfilm

1946Blonde for a Dayfilm

1946Fight That Ghostfilm

1946Gas House Kidsfilm

1946Gentlemen with Gunsfilm

1946Ghost of Hidden Valleyfilm

1946House-Rent Partyfilm

1946Lady Chaserfilm

1946Larceny in Her Heartfilm

1946Mantan Messes Upfilm

1946Murder Is My Businessfilm

1946Outlaw of the Plainsfilm

1946Overland Ridersfilm

1946Prairie Badmenfilm

1946Queen of Burlesquefilm

1946Terrors on Horsebackfilm

1946The Flying Serpentfilm

1945Apology for Murderfilm

1945Border Badmenfilm

1945Fighting Bill Carsonfilm

1945Gangster's Denfilm

1945His Brother's Ghostfilm

1945Lightning Raidersfilm

1945Prairie Rustlersfilm

1945Rustler's Hideoutfilm

1945Shadows of Deathfilm

1945Stagecoach Outlawsfilm

1945The Kid Sisterfilm

1945The Lady Confessesfilm

1945White Pongofilm

1944Frontier Outlawsfilm

1944Fuzzy Settles Downfilm

1944I Accuse My Parentsfilm


1944Oath of Vengeancefilm

1944Swing Hostessfilm

1944The Contenderfilm

1944The Drifterfilm

1944The Monster Makerfilm

1944Thundering Gun Slingersfilm

1944Valley of Vengeancefilm

1944Wild Horse Phantomfilm

1943Blazing Frontierfilm

1943Cattle Stampedefilm

1943Danger! Women at Workfilm

1943Dead Men Walkfilm

1943Death Rides the Plainsfilm

1943Devil Ridersfilm

1943Fugitive of the Plainsfilm

1943Harvest Melodyfilm

1943Raiders of Red Gapfilm

1943The Black Ravenfilm

1943The Kid Rides Againfilm

1943The Renegadefilm

1943Tiger Fangsfilm

1943Western Cyclonefilm

1943Wild Horse Rustlersfilm

1943Wolves of the Rangefilm

1942Along the Sundown Trailfilm

1942Billy the Kid Trappedfilm

1942Billy the Kid's Smoking Gunsfilm

1942Border Roundupfilm

1942Jungle Sirenfilm

1942Law and Orderfilm

1942Lone Rider and the Bandit, Thefilm

1942Lone Rider in Cheyenne, Thefilm

1942Outlaws of Boulder Passfilm

1942Overland Stagecoachfilm

1942Prairie Palsfilm

1942Queen of Broadwayfilm

1942Raiders of the Westfilm

1942Rolling Down the Great Dividefilm

1942Sheriff of Sage Valleyfilm

1942Texas Man Huntfilm

1942The Lone Rider in Texas Justicefilm

1942The Mad Monsterfilm

1942The Mysterious Riderfilm

1942Tumbleweed Trailfilm

1941Billy the Kid Wantedfilm

1941Billy the Kid in Santa Fefilm

1941Billy the Kid's Fighting Palsfilm

1941Billy the Kid's Range Warfilm

1941Billy the Kid's Round-Upfilm

1941Lone Rider Fights Back, Thefilm

1941Lone Rider Rides On, Thefilm

1941Lone Rider in Ghost Town, Thefilm

1941Outlaws of the Rio Grandefilm

1941The Lone Rider Ambushedfilm

1941The Lone Rider Crosses the Riofilm

1941The Lone Rider in Frontier Furyfilm

1941The Texas Marshalfilm

1940Am I Guilty?film

1940Arizona Gang Bustersfilm

1940Arizona Gangbustersfilm

1940Billy the Kid Outlawedfilm

1940Billy the Kid in Texasfilm

1940Billy the Kid's Gun Justicefilm

1940Frontier Crusaderfilm

1940Gun Codefilm

1940Hold That Woman!film

1940I Take This Oathfilm

1940Marked Menfilm

1940Riders of Black Mountainfilm

1940Sagebrush Family Trails West, Thefilm

1940Secrets of a Modelfilm

1940Texas Renegadesfilm

1939Code of the Cactusfilm

1939Death Rides the Rangefilm

1939Fighting Madfilm

1939Flaming Leadfilm

1939Hitler - Beast of Berlinfilm

1939Outlaws' Paradisefilm

1939Six-Gun Rhythmfilm

1939Straight Shooterfilm

1939Texas Wildcatsfilm

1939The Fighting Renegadefilm

1939The Invisible Killerfilm

1939Trigger Fingersfilm

1939Trigger Palsfilm

1938Code of the Rangersfilm

1938Crashing Through Dangerfilm

1938Desert Patrolfilm

1938Durango Valley Raidersfilm

1938Frontier Scoutfilm

1938Gunsmoke Trailfilm

1938Knight of the Plainsfilm

1938Lightning Carson Rides Againfilm

1938Paroled - To Diefilm

1938Phantom Rangerfilm

1938Six Gun Trailfilm

1938Six-Gun Trailfilm

1938Songs and Bulletsfilm

1938The Feud Makerfilm

1938The Rangers' Round-Upfilm

1938The Terror of Tiny Townfilm

1938Thunder in the Desertfilm

1937Arizona Gunfighterfilm

1937Bar-Z Bad Menfilm

1937Boothill Brigadefilm

1937Colorado Kidfilm

1937Doomed at Sundownfilm

1937Gambling Terror, Thefilm

1937Gun Lords of Stirrup Basinfilm

1937Guns in the Darkfilm

1937Harlem on the Prairiefilm

1937Lawman Is Born, Afilm

1937Lightnin' Crandallfilm

1937Melody of the Plainsfilm

1937Moonlight on the Rangefilm

1937Ridin' the Lone Trailfilm

1937The Fighting Deputyfilm

1937Trail of Vengeancefilm

1936Aces and Eightsfilm

1936Border Caballerofilm

1936Burning Goldfilm

1936Federal Agentfilm

1936Ghost Patrolfilm

1936Go-get-'em Hainesfilm

1936Lightnin' Bill Carsonfilm

1936Lion's Den, Thefilm

1936Roarin' Gunsfilm

1936Roarin' Leadfilm

1936Roaring Gunsfilm

1936Stormy Trailsfilm

1936The Traitorfilm

1935Branded a Cowardfilm

1935Bulldog Couragefilm

1935Code of the Mountedfilm

1935Northern Frontierfilm

1935Racing Luckfilm

1935Red Hot Tiresfilm


1935Timber Warfilm

1935Trails of the Wildfilm

1935You Can Be Hadfilm

1934Beggar's Holidayfilm

1934Marrying Widowsfilm

1934Undercover Menfilm

1933Big Time or Bustfilm

1933Reform Girlfilm

1933The Important Witnessfilm

1933Under Secret Ordersfilm

1931Wedding Bellesfilm

1930All Wetfilm

1930Beauty Parade, Thefilm

1930Fellow Studentsfilm

1930French Leavefilm

1930Her Bashful Beaufilm


1930She's a Hefilm

1930Sid's Long Countfilm

1929Buster's Choicefilm

1929Buster's Spooksfilm


1929Have Patiencefilm


1929Night Owlsfilm

1929She's a Pippinfilm

1929Stop Barkingfilm

1929Take Your Pickfilm

1929This Way Pleasefilm

1929Too Many Womenfilm

1928Buster Minds the Babyfilm

1928Buster Trims Upfilm

1928Busting Busterfilm

1928George Meets Georgefilm

1928George's False Alarmfilm

1928George's School Dazefilm

1928Good Scout Busterfilm

1928Halfback Busterfilm

1928High Flyin' Georgefilm

1928Man of Lettersfilm

1928Newlyweds' Visit, Thefilm

1928Out at Homefilm

1928Sailor Georgefilm

1928She's My Girlfilm

1928Watch Georgefilm

1928Watch the Birdiefilm

1928When George Hopsfilm

1927All Wetfilm

1927Ask Dadfilm

1927Auntie's Antefilm

1927Big Game Georgefilm

1927Disordered Orderly, Thefilm

1927Gym Dandy, Afilm

1927Jane's Sleuthfilm

1927My Mistakefilm

1927On Deckfilm

1927On Furloughfilm

1927Rushing Businessfilm

1927What an Excusefilm

1926Jane's Engagement Partyfilm

1926Jane's Predicamentfilm

1926Please Excuse Mefilm

1926What's Your Hurry?film

1926Which Is Which?film

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