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Mitch Spinelli, Writer: The Dancers. Mitch Spinelli was born as Mitchell Weinstein. He is a director and writer.
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Tits a Wonderful Life
Tits a Wonderful Life
Titanic Orgy
Titanic Orgy
Asses in the Air 5
Asses in the Air 5
Gang Bang Bitches 11: Christi Lakes Biker Gang Bang
Gang Bang Bitches 11: Christi Lakes Biker Gang Bang
Mokrá prsa
Mokrá prsa
Wendy Whoppers: Park Ranger
Wendy Whoppers: Park Ranger

200418, Legal and Latinfilm

2004Asses in the Air 5film

2004Bangin' the Girl Next Doorfilm

2004I Got Banged 1film

2004I Wanna Be Your Fuck Dollfilm

2004It's My Partyfilm

2004Rub the Muff 9film

2004She's a Team Player 2film

2003All Natural 11film

2003All Natural 13film

2003Anal University 12film

2003Asses in the Air 5film

2003Blue Jean Blondes 6film

2003Brownie Points 1film

2003Cherry Cream Piefilm

2003Flirts 5film

2003Girls School 6film

2003Interracial Anal Vacation 4film

2003Interracial Sorority Bash 4film


2003Oh... That's Tightfilm

2003Rub the Muff 6film

2003Rub the Muff 7film

2003Rub the Muff 8film

2003She's a Team Playerfilm

2003Strap on Hottiesfilm

2003Taped College Confessions 17film

2003Taped College Confessions 18film

2003Teenies Exposed 1film

2003White Panty Chronicles 21film

2002Anal University 11film

2002Asses in the Air 4film

2002Girls School 4film

2002Taped College Confessions 16film

2001All Natural 9film

2001Asses in the Airfilm

2001Asses in the Air 2film

2001Asses in the Air 3film

2001Black Panty Chronicles 14film

2001Blue Jean Blondesfilm

2001Blue Jean Blondes 3film

2001Rub the Mufffilm

2001Rub the Muff 2film

2001Rub the Muff 3film

2001White Panty Chronicles 17film

2001White Panty Chronicles 18film

2000All Natural 3film

2000All Natural 6film

2000All Natural 7film

2000Anal University 4film

2000Anal University 5film

2000Anal University 7film

2000Girls Schoolfilm

2000Taped College Confessions 10film

2000White Panty Chronicles 11film

2000White Panty Chronicles 12film

2000White Panty Chronicles 13film

2000White Panty Chronicles 14film

2000White Panty Chronicles 15film

2000White Panty Chronicles 16film

1999Anal Universityfilm

1999Anal University 2film

1999Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 8film

1999Stacked Deckfilm

1999White Panty Chronicles 10film

1999White Panty Chronicles 5film

1999White Panty Chronicles 6film

1999White Panty Chronicles 7film

1999White Panty Chronicles 8film

1999White Panty Chronicles 9film

1998Black Panty Chronicles 2film

1998Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 6film

1998White Panty Chronicles 1film

1998White Panty Chronicles 2film

1998White Panty Chronicles 3film

1998White Panty Chronicles 4film

1997Dirty Weekendfilm

1997Gang Bang Bitches 15: Clean-Up Gang Bangfilm

1996Gang Bang Bitches 11: Christi Lake's Biker Gang Bangfilm

1996Motel Matchesfilm

1996Nude Awakeningsfilm

1996Six Degrees of Penetrationfilm

1995A Woman Scornedfilm

1995Anal Chiropractorfilm

1995Bare Ass in the Parkfilm

1995Big Tit Racketfilm

1995Black Panty Chronicles 5film

1995Booby Prizefilm

1995Dance Nakedfilm

1995Fast Forwardfilm

1995Flexxx 2film

1995Flexxx 3film

1995Flexxx 4film


1995Mokrá prsafilm

1995Opie Goes to South Centralfilm

1995Plumb and Dumberfilm

1995Rear and Pleasant Danger, Afilm

1995Star Crossedfilm

1995Titanic Orgyfilm


1994Anal Asian 2: The Won-ton Womanfilm

1994Anal Bluesfilm

1994Breastman Back in Breastlandfilm

1994Caged Beautyfilm

1994Dead Aimfilm

1994Designs on Womenfilm

1994Dívčí válkafilm


1994Foreskin Gumpfilm

1994Girl Next Door, Thefilm

1994In the Bushfilm

1994Just My Imaginationfilm

1994Sex Circusfilm

1994She Questfilm

1994Style 2film

1994The Mountiefilm

1994Tits a Wonderful Lifefilm

1994Wild Roomiesfilm

1994Witness for the Penetrationfilm

1993A Kiss Before Dyingfilm

1993Anal Orgyfilm

1993Behind the Backdoor 6film

1993Black Is Backfilm

1993Brain Surgeonfilm

1993Breastman Goes to Breastland 2film

1993Breastman's Anal Adventurefilm


1993Environmental Attorneyfilm

1993More Than a Handful 3film

1993Rising Bunsfilm

1993The Good, the Bed and the Snugglyfilm

1993Wendy Whoppers: Park Rangerfilm

1993Wicked Womanfilm

1992A League of Their Moanfilm

1992Anal Adventuresfilm

1992Blonde Beaver Bonanzafilm

1992Buttsizer 2: The King of Rearsfilm

1992Night Wishfilm

1992Private Dancerfilm

1992Red Beaver Bonanzafilm


1992The Living Endfilm

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