Gil Lamb (1904 - 1995)

Gil Lamb, Actor: Star Spangled Rhythm. Lean and lanky Gil Lamb should have been a professional contortionist. Every part of him seemed to be elastic. He could bend at the hip and jackknife to the floor, his head almost touching the ground, face turned sideways. That face was also peculiarly long and lugubrious. His 'fish-eyed' double-take became one of his trademarks. Even his neck and ...

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
(91 let) Riverside, California, USA
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Gil Lamb oblíbené filmy

83 Snídaně u Tiffanyho
Snídaně u Tiffanyho
64 Miláček Herbie
Miláček Herbie
48 Den zvířat
Den zvířat
Star Spangled Rhythm
Star Spangled Rhythm
Practically Yours
Practically Yours
Hit Parade of 1947
Hit Parade of 1947

1980Neberte Rusům tajné dokumentyTV film

1977Den zvířatfilm

1976Time TravelersTV film

1975Queen of the Stardust BallroomTV film

1974Barn of the Naked Deadfilm


1970Přesnídávka s diamantyfilm

1968Blackbeard's Ghostfilm

1968Miláček Herbiefilm

1968The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suitfilm

1968The Shakiest Gun in the Westfilm

1967Far Out West, Thea.z.

1967Gnome-Mobile, Thefilm

1966Ugly Dachshund, Thefilm

1964Dobrý soused Samfilm

1963Bye Bye Birdiefilm

1961Snídaně u Tiffanyhofilm

1960Bells Are Ringingfilm

1958Terror in a Texas Townfilm

1956The Bossfilm

1953And Baby Makes Twofilm

1953Fresh Painterfilm

1953Lost in a Turkish Bathfilm

1953Merry Mirthquakesa.z.

1953Pardon My Wrenchfilm

1952Ghost Busterfilm

1950Groan and Gruntfilm

1950Joe Palooka in Humphrey Takes a Chancefilm

1950Night Club Dazefilm

1949Bashful Romeofilm

1949Make Mine Laughsa.z.

1947Addio Mimí!film

1947Hit Parade of 1947film

1944Practically Yoursfilm

1944Rainbow Islandfilm

1943Riding Highfilm

1942Star Spangled Rhythmfilm

1942The Fleet's Infilm

1938Little Mefilm

1935Roof Tops of Manhattanfilm

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