Alan Hale

Alan Hale (1892 - 1950)

Alan Hale, Actor: The Adventures of Robin Hood. Alan Hale decided on a film career after his attempt at becoming an opera singer didn't pan out. He quickly became much in demand as a supporting actor, starred in several films for Cecil B. DeMille and directed others for him. With the advent of sound Hale played leads in a few films, but soon settled down into a career as one of the busiest character actors in the business. He was one of the ...

Washington, District of Columbia, USA
(57 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Alan Hale oblíbené filmy

83 The Man in the Iron Mask
The Man in the Iron Mask
84 Pán sedmi moří
Pán sedmi moří
85 Stalo se jedné noci
Stalo se jedné noci
72 Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexe
Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexe
82 Konvoj do Murmanska
Konvoj do Murmanska
63 Zuzana Lenoxová
Zuzana Lenoxová

1950Colt .45film

1950Rogues of Sherwood Forestfilm

1950Stars in My Crownfilm

1949Always Leave Them Laughingfilm

1949South of St. Louisfilm

1949The House Across the Streetfilm

1949The Inspector Generalfilm

1949The Younger Brothersfilm

1948Adventures of Don Juanfilm

1948My Girl Tisafilm



1947My Wild Irish Rosefilm


1947That Way with Womenfilm

1947The Man I Lovefilm

1946Night and Dayfilm

1946Perilous Holidayfilm

1946The Time, the Place and the Girlfilm

1945Escape in the Desertfilm

1945God Is My Co-Pilotfilm

1945Hotel Berlinfilm

1945Roughly Speakingfilm

1944Dobrodružství Marka Twainafilm

1944Hollywood Canteenfilm


1944Make Your Own Bedfilm

1943Konvoj do Murmanskafilm

1943Mission to Moscowfilm

1943Směr Tokiofilm

1943Thank Your Lucky Starsfilm

1943This Is the Armyfilm

1942Captains of the Cloudsfilm

1942Gentleman Jimfilm

1942Juke Girlfilm

1942Osudová cestafilm

1941Footsteps in the Darkfilm

1941Lidská sílafilm

1941The Great Mr. Nobodyfilm

1941The Smiling Ghostfilm

1941The Strawberry Blondefilm

1941Thieves Fall Outfilm

1940Cesta do Santa Fefilm

1940Jezdci nocifilm

1940Pán sedmi mořífilm

1940The Fighting 69thfilm

1940Three Cheers for the Irishfilm

1940Tugboat Annie Sails Againfilm

1940Virginia Cityfilm

1940Zelené peklofilm

1939Dodge Cityfilm

1939Dust Be My Destinyfilm

1939On Your Toesfilm

1939Pacific Linerfilm

1939Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexefilm

1939The Man in the Iron Maskfilm


1938Dobrodružství Robina Hoodafilm

1938Four Men and a Prayerfilm

1938Listen, Darlingfilm

1938The Adventures of Marco Polofilm

1938The Sistersfilm

1938Valley of the Giantsfilm

1937God's Country and the Womanfilm

1937High, Wide, and Handsomefilm

1937Jump for Gloryfilm

1937Music for Madamefilm

1937Stella Dallasfilm

1937The Prince and the Pauperfilm

1937Thin Icefilm

1936A Message to Garciafilm

1936Our Relationsfilm


1936The Country Beyondfilm

1936Two in the Darkfilm


1935Another Facefilm

1935Good Fairy, Thefilm

1935Grand Old Girlfilm


1935The Last Days of Pompeiifilm


1934Dostihy smrtifilm

1934Fog Over Friscofilm

1934Great Expectationsfilm

1934Imitation of Lifefilm

1934Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolenfilm

1934Občánku, co teď?film

1934Of Human Bondagefilm

1934Picture Bridesfilm

1934Stalo se jedné nocifilm

1934The Little Ministerfilm

1934The Scarlet Letterfilm

1934There's Always Tomorrowfilm

1934Ztracená patrolafilm

1933Destination Unknownfilm

1933The Eleventh Commandmentfilm

1933What Price Decencyfilm

1932Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farmfilm

1932So Big!film

1932The Match Kingfilm

1932Union Depotfilm


1931Night Angelfilm

1931The Sea Ghostfilm

1931The Sin of Madelon Claudetfilm

1931Zuzana Lenoxováfilm

1930She Got What She Wantedfilm

1929Red Hot Rhythmfilm

1929Sailor's Holidayfilm

1929Sap, Thefilm

1929The Leatherneckfilm

1928Oh Kay!film


1928Sal of Singaporefilm


1928The Copfilm

1928The Leopard Ladyfilm

1928Tragédie v Lunaparkufilm

1927The Wreck of the Hesperusfilm


1926Hearts and Fistsfilm

1925Crimson Runner, Thefilm

1925Dick Turpinfilm


1925Ranger of the Big Pinesfilm

1924For Another Womanfilm

1924Girls Men Forgetfilm

1924One Night in Romefilm

1924The Code of the Wildernessfilm

1924Troubles of a Bridefilm

1923Black Oxenfilm

1923Cameo Kirbyfilm

1923Cricket, Thefilm


1923Krytý vůzfilm

1923Long Live the Kingfilm

1923Main Streetfilm


1923The Eleventh Hourfilm

1922Doll's House, Afilm

1922One Glorious Dayfilm

1922Robin Hoodfilm

1922Shirley of the Circusfilm

1922The Dictatorfilm

1922The Trapfilm

1921A Voice in the Darkfilm

1921A Wise Foolfilm

1921Fox, Thefilm

1921Over the Wirefilm

1921The Barbarianfilm

1921The Great Impersonationfilm

1921Čtyři příšerní jezdci z Apokalypsyfilm

1919Love Hunger, Thefilm

1918Moral Suicidefilm

1917Life's Whirlpoolfilm

1917One Hourfilm

1917The Eternal Temptressfilm

1917The Price She Paidfilm

1917Woman in the Case, Thefilm

1916Americano, Thefilm

1916Madelaine Morelfilm

1916Pudd'nhead Wilsonfilm

1916Purple Lady, Thefilm

1916Rolling Stonesfilm

1916Scarlet Oath, Thefilm

1916Sold Outfilm

1916The Beastfilm

1916The Love Thieffilm

1916The Woman in the Casefilm

1915Adam Bedefilm

1915After the Stormfilm

1915Bad Moneyfilm

1915Cupid Entangledfilm

1915Dora Thornefilm

1915East Lynnefilm

1915Girl Who Didn't Forget, Thefilm

1915His Singular Lessonfilm

1915Inevitable, Thefilm

1915Lasting Lesson, Afilm

1915Love's Enduring Flamefilm


1915Mrs. Randolph's New Secretaryfilm

1915Passing Storm, Thefilm

1915The Quicksands of Societyfilm

1914A Scrap of Paperfilm

1914Jane Eyrefilm

1914Martin Chuzzlewitfilm

1914Masks and Facesfilm

1914Men and Womenfilm

1914Ragamuffin, Thefilm


1914The Cricket on the Hearthfilm

1914The Power of the Pressfilm

1914The Woman in Blackfilm

1914Who's Looney Now?film

1914Woman Against Womanfilm

1913A Hospital Romancefilm

1913By Man's Lawfilm

1913Dick's Turningfilm

1913Hearth Lightsfilm

1913His Inspirationfilm

1913His Uncle's Heirfilm

1913Kentucky Foesfilm

1913Maria Romafilm

1913Runa Plays Cupidfilm

1913The Capturing of David Dunnefilm

1913The Children of St. Annefilm

1913The Eternal Sacrificefilm

1913The Glow Wormfilm

1913The House of Pretensefilm

1913The Madcap of the Hillsfilm

1913The Master Cracksmanfilm

1913The Silly Sexfilm

1913The Smuggler's Sisterfilm

1913The Stolen Womanfilm

1913The Wagerfilm

1912Drummer, Thefilm

1912Once Was Enoughfilm

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