Joseph H. Lewis (1907 - 2000)

Joseph H. Lewis, Director: Bombs Over Burma. The term "style over content" fits director Joseph H. Lewis like a glove. His ability to elevate basically mundane and mediocre low-budget material to sublime cinematic art has gained him a substantial cult following among movie buffs. The Bonnie & Clyde look-alike Gun Crazy (1950), shot in 30 days on a budget of $400,000, is often cited as his best film. This taut gangster flick about two ...

New York City, New York, USA
(93 let) Santa Monica, California, USA
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The Swordsman
The Swordsman
80 Gun Crazy
Gun Crazy
75 Terror in a Texas Town
Terror in a Texas Town
73 A Lady Without Passport
A Lady Without Passport
The Undercover Man
The Undercover Man
Retreat, Hell!
Retreat, Hell!

1959Fat Man: The Thirty-Two Friends of Gina Lardelli, TheTV film

1958Terror in a Texas Townfilm

1957Halliday Brand, Thefilm

19567th Cavalryfilm

1955A Lawless Streetfilm

1955Man On a Busfilm

1955The Big Combofilm

1953Cry of the Huntedfilm

1952Desperate Searchfilm

1952Retreat, Hell!film

1950A Lady Without Passportfilm

1950Gun Crazyfilm

1949The Undercover Manfilm

1948The Return of Octoberfilm

1948The Swordsmanfilm

1946So Dark the Nightfilm

1945Jmenuji se Julia Rossfilm

1945The Falcon in San Franciscofilm

1944Minstrel Manfilm

1942Bombs Over Burmafilm

1942Boss of Hangtown Mesafilm

1942Mad Doctor of Market Street, Thefilm

1942Secrets of a Co-Edfilm

1942The Silver Bulletfilm

1941Arizona Cyclonefilm

1941Criminals Withinfilm

1941Invisible Ghostfilm

1940Blazing Six Shootersfilm

1940Boys of the Cityfilm

1940Man from Tumbleweeds, Thefilm

1940Pride of the Boweryfilm

1940Texas Stagecoachfilm

1940That Gang of Minefilm

1940The Return of Wild Billfilm

1939Two-Fisted Rangersfilm

1938Border Wolvesfilm

1938Last Stand, Thefilm

1938The Spy Ringfilm

1937Courage of the Westfilm

1937The Singing Outlawfilm

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