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Scott Shaw, Producer: The Roller Blade Seven. Born in the filmmaking capital of the world, Hollywood, California, Scott Shaw spent the early part of his youth growing up in South Los Angeles. He then returned to Hollywood for his teen years. Though living at the center of the film industry, Shaw was not drawn to acting or directing in his early years. He instead placed his focus on his two ...

Hollywood, California, USA
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91 Terminátor 2: Den zúčtování
Terminátor 2: Den zúčtování
52 Sandy Wexler
Sandy Wexler
Legend of the Roller Blade Seven
Legend of the Roller Blade Seven
Inside Out II
Inside Out II
58 Trest smrti
Trest smrti
43 Palomino

2017Sandy Wexlerfilm

2015Max Hell Frog Warrior: A Zen Rough Cutfilm

2008Adventures of Ace X and Kid Velvet, Thefilm

2008Vampire Black: Trail of the Deadfilm

2007Vampire Noirfilm

20069mm Sunrisefilm

2006Killer: Dead or Alivefilm

2005Final Kiss, Thefilm

2004Super Hero Centralfilm


2003Hitman Cityfilm

2003Rock n' Roll Cops 2: The Adventure Beginsfilm

2002Max Hell Frog Warriorfilm

2002Rock n' Roll Copsfilm

2001Undercover Xfilm

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1998Guns of El Chupacabra II: The Unseenfilm

1997Guns of El Chupacabrafilm

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1997Pocket Ninjasfilm

1996Shotgun Boulevardfilm

1996Toad Warriorfilm

1995Exploding Angelfilm

1994Samurai Balletfilm

1993Atomic Samuraifilm

1993Někdo to rád studenéfilm

1992Inside Out IIfilm

1992Legend of the Roller Blade Sevenfilm

1992Return of the Roller Blade Sevenfilm

1992Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hellfilm

1992Smrtící mstitelfilm

1991Do cizích rukouTV film

1991PalominoTV film

1991Roller Blade Seven, Thefilm

1991Terminátor 2: Den zúčtovánífilm

1991Trest smrtifilm

1990Sunset beatTV film

1985Blade in Hong KongTV film

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