Reed Hadley (1911 - 1974)

Reed Hadley, Actor: Zorro's Fighting Legion. Tall, dark, and handsome, Reed Hadley appeared most frequently as either a villain or as an officer of the law during a film career of 35 years. His rich, bass voice was also frequently heard as narrator for movies and documentaries. He may be best remembered for his work in television, where he starred in Racket Squad (1950) and Public Defender (...

Petrolia, Texas, USA
(63 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Reed Hadley oblíbené filmy

77 I Shot Jesse James
I Shot Jesse James
Ski Patrol
Ski Patrol
74 Guadalcanal: ostrov smrti
Guadalcanal: ostrov smrti
69 Masakr na svatého Valentýna
Masakr na svatého Valentýna
85 Kansas Pacific
Kansas Pacific
Captain from Castile
Captain from Castile

2014America's Clown: An Intimate Biography of Red Skeltona.z.

1972Brain of Bloodfilm

1971Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger StoryTV film

1969Fabulous Bastard from Chicago, Thevyp.

1967Masakr na svatého Valentýnafilm

1965Young Dillingerfilm

1964Moro Witch Doctorfilm

1963Gunfight at Comanche Creekvyp.

1961All in a Night's Workfilm

1955Big House,

1954Hazard Housefilm

1954Highway Dragnetfilm

1953Kansas Pacificfilm

1953Woman They Almost Lynchedfilm

1952Son of Ali Babafilm

1952The Half-Breedfilm

1951Insurance Investigatorfilm

1951Little Big Hornfilm

1951The Wild Blue Yonderfilm

1950A Modern Marriagefilm


1950Motor Patrolfilm

1950Return of Jesse James, Thefilm

1950Riders of the Rangefilm

1950The Baron of Arizonafilm

1950The Killer That Stalked New Yorkvyp.

1949Apache Chiefvyp.

1949Grand Canyonfilm

1949I Shot Jesse Jamesfilm

1949Red Desertvyp.


1948A Southern Yankeefilm

1948Canon Cityvyp.

1948He Walked by Nightvyp.

1948Jungle Goddessfilm

1948Kdo kráčí po křivolakých cestáchvyp.

1948Last of the Wild Horsesfilm

1948Man from Texasfilm


1948The Return of Wildfirefilm

1948Železná oponavyp.

194713 Rue Madeleinevyp.


1947Captain from Castilefilm



1947The Brasher Doubloonfilm

1947The Fabulous Texanfilm

1946If I'm Luckyfilm

1946It Shouldn't Happen to a Dogfilm


1946The Dark Cornerfilm

1946The Razor's Edgefilm

1945Captain Eddiefilm

1945Circumstantial Evidencefilm

1945Diamond Horseshoefilm

1945Doll Facefilm

1945Don Juan Quilliganfilm

1945Dům na 92. ulicivyp.

1945Smrtelný hříchfilm

1945The Caribbean Mysteryfilm

1945Zvon pro Adanofilm

1944Buffalo Billvyp.

1944Four Jills in a Jeepfilm

1944Home in Indianavyp.

1944In the Meantime, Darlingfilm

1944Pin Up Girlfilm

1944Rainbow Islandfilm

1944Roger Touhy, Gangsterfilm

1944The Eve of St. Markfilm


1944Wing and a Prayerfilm

1943Guadalcanal: ostrov smrtifilm

1943Happy Landfilm


1942Arizona Terrorsfilm

1942Jail House Bluesfilm

1942Juke Box Jennyfilm

1942Krásná čarodějkafilm

1942Lady in a Jamfilm

1942Mystery of Marie Rogetfilm

1942The Bugle Soundsfilm

1942Život je cestafilm

1941Adventures of Captain Marvelfilm

1941Dostaveníčko s láskoufilm

1941I'll Wait for Youfilm

1941Kráska z Nového Orleánsufilm

1941Look Who's Laughingfilm

1941Road Agentfilm

1941Sea Raidersfilm

1941Sky Raidersfilm

1941Unfinished Businessfilm

1941Whistling in the Darkfilm

1941Ziegfeld Girlfilm

1940Flight Commandfilm

1940I Take This Womanfilm

1940Jack Potfilm

1940Meet the Wildcatfilm

1940Ski Patrolfilm

1940The Bank Dickfilm

1939Sergeant Maddenfilm

1939Stronger Than Desirefilm

1939Svobodná matkafilm

1939Tajemný případ dr. Kildareafilm

1939The Man from Montrealfilm

1939Zorro's Fighting Legionfilm

1938Female Fugitivefilm

1938Hollywood Stadium Mysteryfilm

1938Orphans of the Streetfilm

1938Sunset Murder Casefilm

1938The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickokfilm

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