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P.J. Pesce, Soundtrack: Spy Kids. Born and raised in Miami, Florida. After completing an undergraduate degree majoring in both English Literature and Architecture at Columbia University, he entered the Graduate Film School and studied directing under Martin Scorsese (from whom he received honors) and Brian De Palma (from whom he received an "F"). Has worked as a musician, a film editor, a studio recording engineer, a film ...

Miami, Florida, USA
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43 Sniper 3
Sniper 3
40 Ztracení chlapci: Upíří kmen
Ztracení chlapci: Upíří kmen
43 Sejmi eso 2
Sejmi eso 2
45 Od soumraku do úsvitu 3: Katova dcera
Od soumraku do úsvitu 3: Katova dcera
45 Dunící hrom
Dunící hrom
63 Zoufalé pronásledování
Zoufalé pronásledování

2010Sejmi eso 2film

2008Ztracení chlapci: Upíří kmenfilm

2004Sniper 3film

1999Od soumraku do úsvitu 3: Katova dcerafilm

1996Dunící hromTV film

1995Zoufalé pronásledovánífilm

1992Horké Malibufilm

1989Afterlife of Grandpa, Thefilm

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