Polly Bergen (1930 - 2014)

Polly Bergen, Actress: Cry-Baby. In a six-decade-plus career (she started out as a radio performer at age 14), there are very few facets of entertainment that lovely singer/actress Polly Bergen has not conquered or, at the very least, touched upon. A nightclub and Columbia recording artist of the 50s and 60s, she is just as well known for her film and Emmy-winning dramatic performances as she is for her wry comedic gifts. In the...

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
(84 let)
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Polly Bergen oblíbené filmy

62 Zasažen bleskem
Zasažen bleskem
77 Escape from Fort Bravo
Escape from Fort Bravo
78 Mys hrůzy
Mys hrůzy
70 Později, miláčku!
Později, miláčku!
65 Cry-Baby
Zrozena jen ke kráse
Zrozena jen ke kráse

2012Zasažen bleskemfilm

2006Cesta do rájefilm

2006Dům na Bay StreetTV film

2006Very Serious Person, Afilm

2005Early BirdTV film

1996For HopeTV film

1996In the Blink of an EyeTV film

1995Dr. Jekyll a slečna Hydefilm

1995Náhradní matkaTV film

1995Once Upon a Time... When We Were Coloredfilm

1994Dovolená bez návratuTV film

1993Arly HanksTV film

1993Perry Mason: Případ věčného mládíTV film

1992Lady Against the OddsTV film

1991Lightning FieldTV film


1990Steel MagnoliasTV film

1989My Brother's WifeTV film

1989Sářina noční můraTV film

1988Addicted to His LoveTV film

1988Předurčena k vražděTV film

1987Chlap na mírufilm

1984VelvetTV film

1982Zrozena jen ke kráseTV film

1981Tvář za milión dolarůTV film

1978How to Pick Up Girls!TV film

1977TelethonTV film

1975Murder on Flight 502TV film

1974Death CruiseTV film

1967Průvodce ženatého mužefilm

1964Kisses for My Presidentfilm

1963Později, miláčku!film

1963The Caretakersfilm

1962Belle SommersTV film

1962Mys hrůzyfilm


1953Cry of the Huntedfilm

1953Escape from Fort Bravofilm

1953Fast Companyfilm

1953Half a Herofilm

1952The Stoogefilm

1951That's My Boyfilm


1950At War with the Armyfilm


1949Across the Rio Grandefilm


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