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Shelley Morrison, Actress: Will & Grace. Despite remaining on the periphery of character stardom all these years, New York-born character actress Shelley Morrison has had a long and varied career since the early 60s. She started out on TV in such popular shows as The Farmer's Daughter (1963) and Laredo (1965), making a career out of an assortment of ethnic roles. In films she played Indian women in Three Guns for Texas (1968) and ...

New York City, New York, USA
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64 Příběh žraloka
Příběh žraloka
74 Mackennovo zlato
Mackennovo zlato
36 Foodfight!
78 Breezy
34 Oddíl z Beverly Hills
Oddíl z Beverly Hills
How to Save a Marriage And Ruin Your Life
How to Save a Marriage And Ruin Your Life


2004Příběh žralokafilm

1997Jen blázni spěchajífilm

1994Cries from the HeartTV film

1993Columbo: Ve hře je všechnoTV film

1991Love, Lies and MurderTV film

1989Oddíl z Beverly Hillsfilm

1985Kids Don't TellTV film

1983Návrat Maxe Duganafilm

1978Lassie: A New BeginningTV film

1978Rabbit Testfilm

1975Conspiracy of TerrorTV film

1975Night That Panicked America, TheTV film

1974Pět malých ďáblíkůfilm

1974The Girl Who Came Gift-WrappedTV film


1973Zamilovaný advokátfilm

1972Man and Boyfilm

1972Stand Up and Be Countedfilm

1969Mackennovo zlatofilm

1969Three's a CrowdTV film

1968How to Save a Marriage (And Ruin Your Life)film

1968Three Guns for Texasfilm

1967Divorce American Stylefilm

1966Castle of Evilfilm

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