Mark Stevens (1916 - 1994)

Mark Stevens, Actor: The Street with No Name. Mark Stevens, a second-tier star during the 1940s and 1950s, was born Richard William Stevens in Cleveland, OH, in 1916 (the dates in reference books vary between 1915-20). Of Scottish and English heritage, the freckle-faced boy with the reddish hair had a father who was an American flyer. His parents divorced while he was young and Mark was sent ...

Cleveland, Ohio, USA
(77 let) Majores, Španělsko
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81 Operace Burma
Operace Burma
84 Rapsodie v modrém
Rapsodie v modrém
Little Egypt
Little Egypt
Torpedo Alley
Torpedo Alley
Vaya con Dios, gringo!
Vaya con Dios, gringo!
The Doughgirls
The Doughgirls

1972Furia del Hombre Lobo, Lafilm

1970Lola, dicen que no vive sola, Lafilm

1969Cry for Poor Wallyfilm

1969España otra vezfilm

1966Vaya con Dios, gringo!film

1965Tierra de fuegofilm

1964Der Fall X701film

1964Fate Is the Hunterfilm

1963Escape from Hell Islandfilm

1960September Stormfilm

1958Gun Feverfilm

1958Gunsmoke in Tucsonfilm

1957Gunsight Ridgefilm

1956Time Tablefilm

1954Cry Vengeancefilm

1953Jack Sladefilm

1952Lost Hours, Thefilm


1952Torpedo Alleyfilm

1951Katie Did Itfilm

1951Little Egyptfilm

1951Reunion in Renofilm

1951Target Unknownfilm

1950Between Midnight and Dawnfilm

1950Please Believe Mefilm

1949Dancing in the Darkfilm

1949Oh, You Beautiful Dollfilm


1948The Snake Pitfilm

1948The Street with No Namefilm

1947I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Nowfilm

1946From This Day Forwardfilm

1946The Dark Cornerfilm

1945God Is My Co-Pilotfilm

1945Operace Burmafilm

1945Pride of the Marinesfilm

1945Rapsodie v modrémfilm

1945The Horn Blows at Midnightfilm

1945Within These Wallsfilm

1944Hollywood Canteenfilm

1944Passage to Marseillefilm

1944Roaring Gunsfilm

1944The Doughgirlsfilm

1943Směr Tokiofilm

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