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Mimi Kennedy, Actress: Midnight in Paris. Mimi Kennedy began her acting career on stage opposite famed TV comedian Sid Caesar. Her theater credits also include her work as Jan in both the national tour and the original Broadway production of "Grease". Work on television has been plentiful for Kennedy following her leading role on the critically acclaimed series, 3 Girls 3 (1977). She went on to star in Homefront (1991), for which she ...

Rochester, New York, USA
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77 Půlnoc v Paříži
Půlnoc v Paříži
68 Na doraz
Na doraz
57 Zásnuby na dobu neurčitou
Zásnuby na dobu neurčitou
79 Erin Brockovich
Erin Brockovich
44 V očekávání
V očekávání
81 Zesil to!
Zesil to!

2013V očekávánífilm

2012Zásnuby na dobu neurčitoufilm

2011Life of Lemonfilm

2011Půlnoc v Pařížifilm

2010Na dorazfilm

2009Politické kruhyfilm

2009Vánoční dárekTV film

2008Single Woman, Afilm

2007V křesle režisérafilm

2000Erin Brockovichfilm


1996Cizinky ve vlakuTV film

1996Pohnutky srdcefilm

1993Ohnivý bleskfilm

1992Smrt jí slušífilm

1991Sins of the MotherTV film

1990Dodržet svůj slibTV film

1990Zesil to!film

1989Dítě na zakázkufilm

1989Je nadějefilm

1989Tales from the Cryptfilm

1987Baby Girl ScottTV film

1987Bride of BoogedyTV film

1986Mr. BoogedyTV film

1984Popular NeuroticsTV film

1982I've Had It Up to HereTV film

1981Thin IceTV film

1978Getting MarriedTV film

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