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Susan Saint James, Actress: McMillan & Wife. Susan Saint James was a lovely and loony TV successor to Shirley MacLaine, her mildly kooky and clumsy free spirits came into vogue in the "free love" era of the late 60s. Saint James was born Susan Jane Miller in Los Angeles, California, to Constance (Geiger), a teacher, and Charles Daniel Miller, a businessman. She has German, Irish, and English ...

Los Angeles, California, USA
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62 S.O.S. Titanic
S.O.S. Titanic
61 Jigsaw
78 Vězeňské blues
Vězeňské blues
Whats So Bad About Feeling Good?
Whats So Bad About Feeling Good?
57 Jak vyzrát na vysoké životní náklady
Jak vyzrát na vysoké životní náklady
67 Love at First Bite
Love at First Bite

1983I Take These MenTV film

1982Don't Cry, It's Only Thunderfilm

1982Kid from Nowhere, TheTV film

1981Tmavohnědá kopiefilm

1980Jak vyzrát na vysoké životní nákladyfilm

1979Love at First Bitefilm

1979S.O.S. TitanicTV film

1979Sex and the Single ParentTV film

1979The Girls in the OfficeTV film

1978Desperate WomenTV film

1978Night CriesTV film

1977Vězeňské bluesfilm

1976Scott FreeTV film

1972Magic CarpetTV film

1971Alias Smith and JonesTV film

1970Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico Countyfilm


1968What's So Bad About Feeling Good?film

1968Where Angels Go, Trouble Followsfilm

1967Ready and WillingTV film

1966Fame Is the Name of the GameTV film

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