Jack Perrin

Jack Perrin (1896 - 1967)

Jack Perrin, Actor: Border Vengeance. Jack Perrin was born in Three Rivers, MI, on July 25, 1896. His father, a real estate investor, had an eye on the burgeoning prospects in Los Angeles and moved his family there when Perrin was about four. Jack literally grew up witnessing the birth of the film industry, which exploded there in 1913, after Universal and Famous Players (later known ...

Three Rivers, Michigan, USA
(71 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Jack Perrin oblíbené filmy

79 Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valance
Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valance
86 Sunset Blvd.
Sunset Blvd.
74 Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní
Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní
76 Texaští střelci
Texaští střelci
72 Dannyho jedenáctka
Dannyho jedenáctka
82 Přelet přes oceán
Přelet přes oceán

1962Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valancefilm

1962Obchodník s hudboufilm

1961A Fever in the Bloodfilm

1961Flower Drum Songfilm

1960Dannyho jedenáctkafilm

1960Noose for a Gunmanfilm

1960Sergeant Rutledgefilm

1960Sunrise at Campobellofilm

1959Hoši z Filadelfiefilm

1959Nedozírný vlivfilm

1959No Name on the Bulletfilm


1958Auntie Mamefilm

1958Born Recklessfilm

1958Day of the Badmanfilm

1958The Saga of Hemp Brownfilm

1957Delikátní delikventfilm

1957Hell's Crossroadsfilm

1957Přelet přes oceánfilm

1957Shoot-Out at Medicine Bendfilm

1957Sundown - město pomstyfilm

1957The Iron Sherifffilm

1957The Parson and the Outlawfilm

1957Čtyřicet pušekfilm

1956Cesta kolem světa za 80 dnífilm


1956Rebel in Townfilm

1956Runaway Daughtersfilm

1956Tension at Table Rockfilm

1956When Gangland Strikesfilm

1955A Lawless Streetfilm

1955The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchellfilm

1954So You Want to Know Your Relativesfilm

1954The Boy From Oklahomafilm


1953Calamity Janefilm

1952Pat a Mikefilm

1951Best of the Badmenfilm

1951Wells Fargo Gunmasterfilm

1950I Shot Billy the Kidfilm

1950Sunset Blvd.film


1949Two Knights from Brooklyna.z.

1948So You Want to Be on the Radiofilm

1948The Fuller Brush Manfilm

1948The Gallant Legionfilm

1947Dick Tracy's Dilemmafilm


1946Shadows on the Rangefilm

1945Identity Unknownfilm

1945Johnny Angelfilm

1945Strange Confessionfilm

1945The Master Keyfilm



1943Taxi, Misterfilm

1943The Falcon in Dangerfilm

1942Broadway Big Shotfilm

1942Captain Midnightfilm

1942Gang Bustersfilm

1941Buck Privatesfilm

1941Dynamite Canyonfilm

1941Melody Lanefilm

1941Riders of Death Valleyfilm

1941Roar of the Pressfilm

1941Sea Raidersfilm

1941Sunset in Wyomingfilm

1941Under Agefilm

1940Hi-Yo Silvera.z.

1940Terry and the Piratesfilm

1940Texas Rangers Ride Againfilm

1940The Green Hornetfilm

1940The Green Hornet Strikes Again!film

1940The Saint Takes Overfilm

1940The Shadowfilm

1940West of Pinto Basinfilm

1939Overland with Kit Carsonfilm

1939Pal from Texas, Thefilm

1939The Arizona Kidfilm

1938Hříšní anděléfilm

1938Tajemný jezdeca.z.

1938Texaští střelcifilm

1938The Purple Vigilantesfilm

1938The Secret of Treasure Islandfilm

193713th Man, Thefilm

1937Reckless Rangerfilm

1937San Quentinfilm

1936Desert Justicefilm

1936Gun Gritfilm

1936Hair-Trigger Caseyfilm

1936The Accusing Fingerfilm

1936Wildcat Saundersfilm

1935Code of the Mountedfilm

1935Loser's Endfilm

1935North of Arizonafilm

1935Texas Jackfilm

1935The Cactus Kidfilm

1935Wolf Ridersfilm

1934Arizona Nightsfilm

1934Mystery Ranchfilm

1934Rawhide Mailfilm

1934Ridin' Gentsfilm

1934The Big Racefilm

1933Girl Troublefilm

1933The Whispering Shadowfilm

1933Černé esofilm

193245 Calibre Echofilm

1932Bláznivé natáčenífilm

1932Dynamite Ranchfilm

1932Hell-Fire Austinfilm

1931Kid from Arizona, Thefilm

1931Lariats and Sixshootersfilm

1931The Sheriff's Secretfilm

1931Wild West Whoopeefilm

1930Beyond the Rio Grandefilm

1930Phantom of the Desertfilm

1930The Apache Kid's Escapefilm

1930Trails of Dangerfilm

1929Go Get 'Em Kidfilm

1929Overland Boundfilm

1928Wild Bloodfilm

1927Blind Man's Blufffilm

1927Border Blackbirdsfilm

1927Code of the Rangefilm

1927Danger Aheadfilm

1927The Laffin' Foolfilm

1927Thunderbolt's Tracksfilm

1927Where North Holds Swayfilm

1926Hi-Jacking Rustlersfilm

1926Midnight Facesfilm

1926The Man from Oklahomafilm

1926The Thunderbolt Strikesfilm

1926West of the Rainbow's Endfilm

1925Border Vengeancefilm

1925Cactus Trailsfilm

1925Dangerous Fistsfilm

1925Silent Sheldonfilm

1925The Knockout Kidfilm

1924Those Who Dancefilm

1924Virginian Outcastfilm

1924Why Get Married?film

1923Mary of the Moviesfilm

1923One of Threefilm

1923The Radio-Active Bombfilm

1923The Secret Codefilm

1923The Showdownfilm

1923Under Secret Ordersfilm

1922Blue-Jacket's Honor, Afilm

1922Phantom Terror, Thefilm

1922The Further Adventures of Yorke Norroyfilm

1921Battle of Wits, Afilm

1921Partners of the Tidefilm

1921The Match-Breakerfilm

1921The Rage of Parisfilm

1921The Torrentfilm

1919Slepí manželéfilm

1917A Royal Roguefilm

1917His Sudden Rivalfilm

1917His Unconscious Consciencefilm

1916Black Eyes and Bluefilm

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