Rand Brooks (1918 - 2003)

Rand Brooks, Actor: Gone with the Wind. After passing his screen test, Rand Brooks played a bit role in the 1938 film Love Finds a Way. He then found several other roles before landing the part of Charles Hamilton in Gone with the Wind. He went on to play small roles in films such as Laddie, And One was Beautiful, The Son of Monte Cristo, Jennie, Niagara Falls, among others. Beginning in 1946, he took over the role of Hopalong ...

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
(84 let) Santa Ynez, California, USA
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Rand Brooks oblíbené filmy

84 Jih proti Severu
Jih proti Severu
75 To Hell and Back
To Hell and Back
76 Perutě pomsty
Perutě pomsty
71 Cesta na severozápad
Cesta na severozápad
Lady in the Dark
Lady in the Dark
Stagecoach to Dancers Rock
Stagecoach to Dancers Rock

1974Sex Symbol, TheTV film

1973Columbo: To je vražda, řeklo portskéTV film

1973Double IndemnityTV film

1967Náš muž Flint 2: Flint opět v akcifilm


1965Requiem for a Gunfighterfilm

1962Stagecoach to Dancers' Rockfilm

1961Posse from Hellfilm

1960Comanche Stationfilm

1959Stump Runfilm

1958The Challenge of Rin Tin Tinfilm

1958The Last Hurrahfilm

1955The Matchmaking Marshala.z.

1955To Hell and Backfilm

1954Silver Needle in the Skya.z.

1953Born to the Saddlefilm

1953The Charge at Feather Riverfilm

1952Behind Southern Linesa.z.

1952Gunman, Thefilm

1952Man from the Black Hillsfilm

1952Maverick, Thefilm

1952Montana Incidentfilm

1952The Cimarron Kidfilm

1952The Steel Fistfilm


1951Heart of the Rockiesfilm

1951Yukon Manhuntfilm

1950Bunco Squadfilm

1950Cesta k úspěchufilm

1950The Vanishing Westernerfilm

1949Black Midnightfilm

1949The Wyoming Banditfilm

1948Borrowed Troublefilm

1948Dead Don't Dream, Thefilm

1948False Paradisefilm

1948Johanka z Arcufilm

1948Ladies of the Chorusfilm

1948Silent Conflictfilm

1948Sinister Journeyfilm

1948Strange Gamblefilm

1948Sundown in Santa Fefilm

1947Dangerous Venturefilm

1947Hoppy's Holidayfilm

1947Kilroy Was Herefilm

1947The Maraudersfilm

1947Unexpected Guestfilm

1946Fool's Goldfilm

1946The Devil's Playgroundfilm

1946The Great Morganfilm

1946The Harvey Girlsfilm

1944Lady in the Darkfilm

1943High Explosivefilm

1943Perutě pomstyfilm

1942Cowboy Serenadefilm

1942Fingers at the Windowfilm

1942Sombrero Kid, Thefilm

1942The Affairs of Jimmy Valentinefilm

1941Cheers for Miss Bishopfilm

1941Double Datefilm

1941Lady Scarfacefilm

1941Life with Henryfilm

1941Niagara Fallsfilm

1941The People vs. Dr. Kildarefilm

1940And One Was Beautifulfilm

1940Cesta na severozápadfilm


1940Girl from Avenue Afilm



1940The Son of Monte Cristofilm

1939Babes in Armsfilm


1939Dancing Co-Edfilm

1939Jih proti Severufilm

1939Stará pannafilm

1939Thunder Afloatfilm

1938Dramatic Schoolfilm

1938Love Finds Andy Hardyfilm

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