Harry Davenport (1866 - 1949)

Harry Davenport, Actor: Gone with the Wind. Character fame on film came quite late for long-time stage actor Harry Davenport at age 70, but he made up for lost time in very quick fashion with well over a hundred film roles registered from the advent of sound to the time of his death in 1949. Beloved for his twinkle-eyed avuncular and/or grandfatherly types in both comedy and drama, ...

New York City, New York, USA
(83 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Harry Davenport oblíbené filmy

84 Jih proti Severu
Jih proti Severu
77 Marie Antoinetta
Marie Antoinetta
80 Setkáme se v St. Louis
Setkáme se v St. Louis
67 December 7th
December 7th
80 Little Women
Little Women
I Wanted Wings
I Wanted Wings

1950Cesta k úspěchufilm

1949Down to the Sea in Shipsfilm

1949Little Womenfilm

1949Tell It to the Judgefilm

1949That Forsyte Womanfilm

1948Dáma v hermelínufilm

1948For the Love of Maryfilm

1948Man from Texasfilm

1948The Decision of Christopher Blakefilm

1948Three Daring Daughtersfilm

1947Farmářova dcerafilm

1947Keeper of the Beesfilm

1947Sport of Kingsfilm

1947Stallion Roadfilm

1947That Hagen Girlfilm

1947The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxerfilm

1947The Fabulous Texanfilm

1946A Boy, a Girl and a Dogfilm

1946Boy and His Dog, Afilm

1946Claudia and Davidfilm

1946Faithful in My Fashionfilm

1946G.I. War Bridesfilm

1946Lady Luckfilm

1946Odvážná Lassiefilm

1946Three Wise Foolsfilm


1945Enchanted Forest, Thefilm

1945Pardon My Pastfilm

1945She Wouldn't Say Yesfilm

1945The Thin Man Goes Homefilm

1945This Love of Oursfilm

1945Too Young to Knowfilm


1944Music for Millionsfilm

1944Setkáme se v St. Louisfilm

1944The Impatient Yearsfilm

1943December 7thfilm

1943Gangway for Tomorrowfilm

1943Government Girlfilm

1943Headin' for God's Countryfilm

1943Jack Londonfilm

1943Jízda do Ox-Bowfilm

1943Princess O'Rourkefilm


1943The Amazing Mrs. Hollidayfilm

1943We've Never Been Lickedfilm

1942Historky z metropolefilm

1942Kavalír pomstyfilm

1942Kings Rowfilm

1942Larceny, Inc.film

1942Ten Gentlemen from West Pointfilm

1941Hurricane Smithfilm

1941I Wanted Wingsfilm

1941Nejisté cityfilm

1941One Foot in Heavenfilm

1941The Bride Came C.O.D.film

1941To je John Doefilm

1940All This, and Heaven Toofilm

1940Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bulletfilm

1940Earl of Puddlestonefilm

1940Grandpa Goes to Townfilm

1940Granny Get Your Gunfilm

1940I Want a Divorcefilm

1940Lucky Partnersfilm

1940Too Many Husbandsfilm

1940Zahraniční dopisovatelfilm

1939Death of a Championfilm

1939Exile Expressfilm

1939Jih proti Severufilm


1939Long Shotfilm

1939Made for Each Otherfilm

1939Money to Burnfilm

1939My Wife's Relativesfilm

1939Should Husbands Work?film

1939Tail Spinfilm

1939The Covered Trailerfilm


1939Zvoník od Matky Božífilm

1938Gold Is Where You Find Itfilm


1938Marie Antoinettafilm

1938Orphans of the Streetfilm

1938Reckless Livingfilm


1938The Cowboy and the Ladyfilm

1938The First Hundred Yearsfilm

1938The Higgins Familyfilm

1938The Rage of Parisfilm

1938The Sistersfilm

1938Vždyť jsme jen jednou na světěfilm

1938Young Fugitivesfilm

1937Armored Carfilm

1937As Good as Marriedfilm

1937Byl lásky časfilm

1937First Ladyfilm

1937Fit for a Kingfilm

1937Fly Away Babyfilm

1937Her Husband's Secretaryfilm

1937Mountain Justicefilm

1937Mr. Dodd Takes the Airfilm

1937Paradise Expressfilm

1937Radio Patrolfilm

1937The Great Garrickfilm

1937The Life of Emile Zolafilm

1937The Perfect Specimenfilm

1937They Won't Forgetfilm

1937Under Cover of Nightfilm

1937Under Southern Starsfilm

1937Wells Fargofilm

1937White Bondagefilm

1936Four Days' Wonderfilm

1936King of Hockeyfilm

1936Legion of Terrorfilm

1936The Case of the Black Catfilm

1936Three Men on a Horsefilm

1935The Scoundrelfilm

1933Get That Venusfilm

1932The Campus Mysteryfilm

1932The Wiser Sexfilm

1931His Womanfilm

1931My Sinfilm

1930Her Unborn Childfilm

1921Hon na liškufilm

1919A Girl at Bayfilm


1919She's Everywherefilm

1919The Unknown Quantityfilm

1917Sowers and Reapersfilm

1916Fashion and Furyfilm

1916Wheel of the Law, Thefilm

1915Father and the Boysfilm

1915Jarr Family Discovers Harlem, Thefilm

1915Jarrs Visit Arcadia, Thefilm

1915Mr. Jarr Brings Home a Turkeyfilm

1915Mr. Jarr Takes a Night Offfilm

1915Mr. Jarr Visits His Home Townfilm

1915Mr. Jarr and Circumstantial Evidencefilm

1915Mr. Jarr and Gertrude's Beauxfilm

1915Mr. Jarr and Love's Young Dreamfilm

1915Mr. Jarr and the Captive Maidenfilm

1915Mr. Jarr and the Dachshundfilm

1915Mr. Jarr and the Ladies' Cupfilm

1915Mr. Jarr and the Lady Reformerfilm

1915Mr. Jarr and the Visiting Firemenfilm

1915Mr. Jarr's Big Vacationfilm

1915Mr. Jarr's Magnetic Friendfilm

1915Mrs. Jarr and the Beauty Treatmentfilm

1915Mrs. Jarr and the Society Circusfilm

1915Mrs. Jarr's Auction Bridgefilm

1915The Closing of the Circuitfilm

1914Accomplished Mrs. Thompsonpson, Thefilm

1914Damon and Pythiasfilm

1914Fogg's Millionsfilm

1914Too Many Husbandsfilm

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