Louise Fazenda (1895 - 1962)

Louise Fazenda, Actress: The Bat. When top silent screen comedienne Mabel Normand would gripe to Mack Sennett about making classier films, Sennett's retort would always be, "I'll send for Fazenda." This gawky, highly popular slapstick funny girl put in her time first in two-reelers and Universal's Joker Comedies from 1913 on, but unleashed her real gift for getting laughs when she...

Lafayette, Indiana, USA
(66 let) Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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63 Archa Noemova
Archa Noemova
The Show of Shows
The Show of Shows
The Road Back
The Road Back
Ever Since Eve
Ever Since Eve
Ready, Willing and Able
Ready, Willing and Able

1950Animal Anticsa.z.

1944Once Over Lightlya.z.

1939A Small Town Idola.z.

1939Stará pannafilm

1938Down on the Farmfilm

1938Swing Your Ladyfilm

1937Ever Since Evefilm

1937First Ladyfilm

1937Merry Go Round of 1938film

1937Mountain Musicfilm

1937Ready, Willing and Ablefilm

1937The Road Backfilm


1936Doughnuts and Societyfilm

1936I Married a Doctorfilm

1935Bad Boyfilm

1935Broadway Gondolierfilm

1935The Casino Murder Casefilm

1935The Widow from Monte Carlofilm

1935The Winning Ticketfilm


1934Mountain Musicfilm

1934Wonder Barfilm

1933Alice in Wonderlandfilm

1933Hunting Troublefilm

1933Out of Gasfilm

1933Stung Againfilm

1932Hesitating Lovefilm

1932Once in a Lifetimefilm

1932Racing Youthfilm

1932Running Hollywoodfilm

1932The Unwritten Lawfilm

1932Union Wagesfilm

1931Blondes Prefer Bondsfilm

1931Cuban Love Song, Thefilm

1931Gun Smokefilm

1931How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No. 11: 'Practice Shots'film

1931Itching Hour, Thefilm

1931Mad Parade, Thefilm

1931Misbehaving Ladiesfilm

1931Newly Richfilm

1931Second Hand Kissesfilm

1930Bride of the Regimentfilm

1930Fall to Arms, Afilm

1930High Society Bluesfilm


1930Loose Anklesfilm

1930No, No, Nanettefilm

1930Pure and Simplefilm

1930Rain or Shinefilm

1930So This Is Paris Greenfilm

1930Spring Is Herefilm

1930The Bearded Ladyfilm

1930The Voice of Hollywood, Series 1, No. 2film

1930Too Hot to Handlefilm

1930Viennese Nightsfilm

1930Wide Openfilm

1929Faro Nellfilm

1929Hard to Getfilm

1929Hot Lemonadefilm

1929Hot Stufffilm

1929House of Horrorfilm

1929On with the Show!film

1929Stark Madfilm

1929The Broadway Hooferfilm

1929The Desert Songfilm

1929The Show of Showsfilm

1928Archa Noemovafilm

1928Domestic Troublesfilm

1928Five and Ten Cent Anniefilm

1928Heart to Heartfilm


1928Pay as You Enterfilm

1928Riley the Copfilm

1928Taxi 13film

1928The Terrorfilm

1928Tillie's Punctured Romancefilm

1928Vamping Venusfilm

1927A Sailor's Sweetheartfilm

1927A Texas Steerfilm

1927Babe Comes Homefilm

1927Finger Printsfilm

1927Gay Old Bird, Thefilm

1927Ham and Eggs at the Frontfilm

1927Simple Sisfilm

1927The Cradle Snatchersfilm

1927The Red Millfilm

1926Footloose Widowsfilm

1926Ladies at Playfilm


1926Miss Nobodyfilm

1926The Batfilm

1926The Lady of the Haremfilm

1926The Old Soakfilm

1926The Passionate Questfilm

1926Tin Godsfilm

1925A Broadway Butterflyfilm

1925Bobbed Hairfilm

1925Cheaper to Marryfilm



1925Grounds for Divorcefilm

1925Hello Goodbyefilm

1925Hogan's Alleyfilm

1925The Love Hourfilm

1925The Night Clubfilm

1925The Price of Pleasurefilm

1924Being Respectablefilm

1924Dizzy Daisyfilm

1924Galloping Fish, Thefilm

1924Listen Lesterfilm

1924The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincolnfilm

1924The Lighthouse by the Seafilm

1924This Womanfilm

1924True As Steelfilm

1924What a Night!film

1923Cold Chillsfilm

1923Main Streetfilm

1923Mary of the Moviesfilm

1923Mladý pán a komornáfilm

1923Pest of the Storm Countryfilm

1923Tea: With a Kick!film

1923The Fogfilm

1923The Gold Diggersfilm

1923The Old Foolfilm

1923The Spider and the Rosefilm

1923The Spoilersfilm

1922Bow Wowfilm

1922Quincy Adams Sawyerfilm

1922The Beautiful and Damnedfilm

1922The Beauty Shopfilm

1921A Small Town Idolfilm

1921Astray from the Steeragefilm

1921Country Chickensfilm

1921Love Egg, Thefilm

1921Made in the Kitchenfilm

1921Rural Cinderella, Afilm

1921Wedding Bells Out of Tunefilm

1920Bungalow Troublesfilm

1920Down on the Farmfilm

1920It's a Boyfilm

1920Let 'er Gofilm

1920Married Lifefilm

1920My Goodnessfilm

1920The Gingham Girlfilm

1920The Quack Doctorfilm

1920The Star Boarderfilm

1920You Wouldn't Believe Itfilm

1919Back to the Kitchenfilm

1919Bullin' the Bullshevikifilm

1919Hearts and Flowersfilm

1919Salome vs. Shenandoahfilm

1919The Foolish Agefilm

1919Treating 'Em Roughfilm

1919Village Smithy, Thefilm

1919Why Beaches Are Popularfilm

1918Her First Mistakefilm

1918Her Screen Idolfilm

1918It's a Cinchfilm

1918The Kitchen Ladyfilm

1918The Summer Girlsfilm

1918Those Athletic Girlsfilm

1918Village Chestnut, Thefilm

1917Are Waitresses Safe?film

1917Her Fame and Shamefilm

1917Her Torpedoed Lovefilm

1917His Precious Lifefilm

1917Lost: A Cookfilm

1917Maggie's First False Stepfilm

1917The Betrayal of Maggiefilm

1916A Bath House Blunderfilm

1916A Movie Starfilm


1916Feathered Nest, Thefilm

1916Her Marble Heartfilm

1916His Hereafterfilm

1916Judge, Thefilm

1916Love Riot, Afilm

1916Maid Madfilm

1916Pills of Perilfilm

1916The Marble Heartfilm

1915A Hash House Fraudfilm

1915A Submarine Piratefilm

1915Ambrose's Furyfilm

1915Ambrose's Little Hatchetfilm

1915Ambrose's Lofty Perchfilm

1915Ambrose's Nasty Temperfilm

1915Ambrose's Sour Grapesfilm

1915Bear Affair, Afilm

1915Crossed Love and Swordsfilm

1915Fatty's Tintype Tanglefilm

1915Game Old Knight, Afilm

1915Great Vacuum Robbery, Thefilm

1915Only a Farmer's Daughterfilm

1915Versatile Villain, Afilm

1915When Ambrose Dared Walrusfilm

1915Willful Ambrosefilm

1914Cruel, Cruel World!film

1914Mike and Jake Live Close to Naturefilm

1914Saving the Childfilm

1914Some Nightmarefilm

1914The Mystery of a Taxicabfilm

1914Their Little Onesfilm

1914When Their Wives Joined the Regimentfilm

1913Almost an Actressfilm

1913For Art and Lovefilm

1913Hilda of the Mountainsfilm

1913Lazy Louisfilm

1913Mike and Jake Among the Cannibalsfilm

1913Mike and Jake Go Fishingfilm

1913Mike and Jake as Heroesfilm

1913Mike and Jake as Pugilistsfilm

1913Mike and Jake at Collegefilm

1913Mike and Jake at the Beachfilm

1913Mike and Jake in Mexicofilm

1913Mike and Jake in Societyfilm

1913Mike and Jake in the Oil Fields, or The Stinger Stungfilm

1913Mike and Jake in the Wild, Wild Westfilm

1913Poor Jake's Demisefilm

1913She Should Worryfilm

1913The Joy Ridersfilm

1913When Joe Went Westfilm

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