Walter Long

Walter Long (1879 - 1952)

Walter Long, Actor: Pardon Us. Early in his career Walter Long was married to Luray Huntley, an actress for D.W. Griffith's stock company. Huntley and Long performed together in several of Griffith's films including Traffic in Souls (1913), Let Katie Do It (1916), and Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916). They remained married until her death in 1918 at age 28 due to the Spanish influenza epidemic.

Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
(73 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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77 Union Pacific
Union Pacific
72 Zrození národa
Zrození národa
70 Dillinger
Operator 13
Operator 13
73 The Whole Towns Talking
The Whole Towns Talking

1990Dick TracyTV film

1982Dance of the Cookoosa.z.

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1941Silver Stallionfilm

1940Dark Commandfilm

1940Hidden Goldfilm

1940Men Without Soulsfilm

1940When the Daltons Rodefilm

1939Daughter of the Tongfilm

1939Fighting Madfilm

1939Flaming Leadfilm

1939Union Pacificfilm

1938Bar 20 Justicefilm

1938Man's Countryfilm

1938Prison Breakfilm

1938Six-Shootin' Sherifffilm

1938The Painted Trailfilm

1938Wild Horse Canyonfilm

1937Dick Tracyfilm

1937Federal Bulletsfilm

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1937North of the Rio Grandefilm

1937Pick a Starfilm

1936Drift Fencefilm

1936Sutter's Goldfilm

1936The Accusing Fingerfilm

1936The Bold Caballerofilm

1936The Glory Trailfilm

1936Wedding Presentfilm

1935Annie Oakleyfilm

1935Frisco Kidfilm

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1935Princezna inkognitofilm

1935The Whole Town's Talkingfilm

1934Detektiv Nick v New Yorkufilm

1934Fugitive Loversfilm

1934Lazy Riverfilm

1934Lightning Strikes Twicefilm

1934Na útěkufilm

1934Operator 13film


1934Six of a Kindfilm

1934The Live Ghostfilm

1934Three Little Pigskinsfilm

1933Aggie Appleby, Maker of Menfilm

1933Blondie Johnsonfilm

1933Easy Millionsfilm

1933Laughter in Hellfilm

1932Any Old Port!film




1932Hawkins & Watkins

1932Jsem uprchlý galejníkfilm

1932Lady! Please!film

1932Silver Dollarfilm

1932Women Won't Tellfilm

1931A Butter 'n' Yeggmanfilm

1931Dragnet Patrolfilm

1931Hinter Schloss und Riegelfilm

1931Night Classfilm

1931Other Men's Womenfilm

1931Pardon Usfilm

1931Presidiarios, Losfilm

1931Sargie's Playmate, Thefilm

1931Sea Devilsfilm

1931Soul of the Slumsfilm

1931Taxi Troublesfilm

1931The Maltese Falconfilm

1930Beau Banditfilm


1930Moby Dickfilm

1929Dancing Gob, Thefilm

1929The Black Watchfilm

1928Forbidden Grassfilm

1928Gang Warfilm

1928Me, Gangsterfilm

1928The Adorable Outcastfilm


1927Back to God's Countryfilm


1927Jewels of Desirefilm

1927Jim, the Conquerorfilm

1927Vládce oceánufilm

1927White Pants Williefilm

1926Eve's Leavesfilm

1926Red Dicefilm

1926The Highbindersfilm

1926Things Wives Tellfilm

1926West of Broadwayfilm

1925Bobbed Hairfilm


1925Shock Punch, Thefilm


1925Steel Preferredfilm

1925The Ladyfilm

1925The Reckless Sexfilm

1925The Road to Yesterdayfilm

1925The Verdictfilm

1924Daring Lovefilm

1924Missing Daughtersfilm

1924The Ridin' Kid from Powder Riverfilm

1924White Manfilm


1924Yankee Madnessfilm

1923Call of the Wildfilm


1923Little Church Around the Cornerfilm


1923Shot in the Night, Afilm

1923The Broken Wingfilm

1923The Huntressfilm

1923The Isle of Lost Shipsfilm

1923The Last Hourfilm

1923The Shockfilm

1922Across the Continentfilm

1922Blood and Sandfilm

1922Kick Infilm

1922Moran of the Lady Lettyfilm

1922My American Wifefilm

1922Omar the Tentmakerfilm


1922South of Suvafilm

1922The Beautiful and Damnedfilm

1922The Dictatorfilm

1922To Have and to Holdfilm

1921Fire Cat, Thefilm

1921Giant of His Race, Afilm

1921Tiger Truefilm

1921White and Unmarriedfilm


1920Excuse My Dustfilm

1920Go and Get Itfilm

1920Held in Trustfilm

1920The Fighting Shepherdessfilm

1920The Sea Wolffilm

1920The Third Womanfilm

1920What Women Lovefilm

1919Adventure in Hearts, Anfilm

1919Chasing Rainbowsfilm

1919Desert Goldfilm

1919Poppy Girl's Husband, Thefilm

1919Scarlet Daysfilm

1919The Mother and the Lawfilm

1917Each to His Kindfilm

1917Hashimura Togofilm

1917Romance zlatých polífilm

1917The Cost of Hatredfilm

1917The Evil Eyefilm

1917The Golden Fetterfilm

1917The Little Americanfilm

1917The Woman God Forgotfilm

1917Winning of Sally Temple, Thefilm

1916Children in the House, Thefilm

1916Daphne and the Piratefilm


1916Joan the Womanfilm

1916Let Katie Do Itfilm

1916Sold for Marriagefilm

1916The Marriage of Molly-Ofilm

1916The She-Devilfilm


1916Years of the Locust, Thefilm

1915A Man and His Matefilm

1915Beast Within, Thefilm

1915Buried Treasure, Thefilm

1915Express Messenger, Thefilm

1915Hearts and Flowersfilm

1915His Lessonfilm

1915In Old Mexicofilm

1915Jordan Is a Hard Roadfilm

1915Little Mariefilm

1915Martyrs of the Alamofilm

1915Night's Adventure, Afilm

1915Old Shoemaker, Thefilm

1915On the Table Topfilm

1915Out of Bondagefilm

1915The Highbindersfilm

1915The Kinship of Couragefilm

1915The Man with a Recordfilm

1915The Outlaw's Revengefilm


1915Zrození národafilm

1914Blue Pete's Escapefilm

1914Bobby's Medalfilm

1914Dan Morgan's Wayfilm

1914Ethel Has a Steadyfilm

1914Home, Sweet Homefilm

1914Revenue Officer's Deputy, Thefilm

1914Svědomí zločinufilm

1914The Broken Bottlefilm

1914The Escapefilm

1914The Life of General Villafilm

1914Where the Mountains Meetfilm

1913Deerslayer, Thefilm

1913Traffic in Soulsfilm

1912Millionaire for a Day, Afilm

1912The Girl and Her Trustfilm

1912The Painted Ladyfilm

1911Bobby, the Cowardfilm

1911The Primal Callfilm

1910The Fugitivefilm

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